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  1. I’m not sure whether this comment is public or not… but it doesn’t matter.

    I once sent you a horrible message that I honestly don’t even remember sending. I wouldn’t have recalled it at all if it hadn’t been for your gracious follow-up message that was sent to my email. To this day, I have no recollection of the particular message I sent to you. :-( I can’t imagine being so unkind and so… what’s the bad word for “bold”? Well, whatever it is, I ask again for your forgiveness again, even though I’m sure you don’t remember.

    I have a problem. Lol! I bet every person that contacts you has a problem. What a horrible weight to carry. Anyway. I have a problem. To get right down to it, I have two spirits in my house. At least two. I guess all I know is that one is good and that the other(s) aren’t very nice at all. He/they (the not-so-nice ones) are scaring my children. The problem is, there is a woman that has lived here since I moved in. 4 years ago. She is sweet, and kind, and looks after my children (she’s also looked after young animals when they’ve been in the house). I need to get rid of the mean one(s), but not the nice one. Does that make sense? I’ve researched a ton but I can’t figure out how to leave the woman alone.


    • Hi Tristian,

      I do remember you, and your memorable comment still exists on… *looks* this page. I leave it up there not to embarrass you but because you asked valid questions and I wanted other visitors to see my answers to those questions. :) I don’t hold a grudge about it.

      The best way I know to exclude all spirits but one is to perform a banishing (a daily LBRP is good) and then invoke the good spirit back into your space. For this, you need to either know her name or name her. Tell her, out loud, when you feel her around — “I’m going to call you Wilma [or whatever], because when I invite you back in I want you to know I mean you.” Obviously you need to do the naming before you banish, or she won’t get the memo in time. Then do the banishing and/or set wards around the house. Invite “Wilma” back in. If trouble ensues, you know that Wilma is both the good AND the bad news at your house.

      Hope that helps!

      • Oh my! I’m so glad you left my comment up. I’m not embarassed. Or at least, I’ve gotten over being embarassed. Other than the fact that after re-reading those posts, I had a few typos. Lol!

        Thank you! I had never thought to give her a name… I respect her, and thought that might be disrespectful. I will absolutely give it a shot, though, if it might banish the others and leave her alone! Thanks again!

        (Crap. I still can’t believe I sent that first comment to begin with. Sheesh. I can never apologize enough.)

        I’ll be in touch, Sheta. :-)


  2. I have a question of a very personal nature to ask you. It seems you have a fair amount of experience with spirits; myself, I have precious little. My question is, and please don’t laugh, would it be possible or safe to have a long term sexual relationship with a spirit? As well, if so, could one find a spirit with certain physical characteristics, such as a wide and long penis?

    I am genuine in asking this, I will tell you why so you know how serious I am. I became afflicted with a serious health condition in the early 2000s; I have precious little energy as a result. I got married the same year I became ill, and as a result of my health having immediately changed from being full of vigor and vitality to it being an extreme effort for me to do anything at all, my marriage has fallen apart, sex is non-existent.

    But recently I had a spiritual experience, I had a spirit come and make love with me. His penis, no word of a lie, was enormous, it felt super, it was vigorous, and the energy I felt after – it was a truly healing experience for me. I’d like to have that every night, if it were at all possible. Is this a pipe dream, a bad idea, or is it truly possible? I am so longing to have energy, even if it meant having to have sex with a spiritual entity each night…

    If it is possible, how to I find such a spirit?

    Please respond in earnest, as truly, I am serious.


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