Glossary – H

  1. Higher Self
  2. Hod
  3. Holy Guardian Angel

Higher Self

[hahy-uhr self] The higher self is typically conceived as an overself, in the sense that it is not limited by the constraints of the material universe and our associated thought and emotional patterns. It serves, to some, as a spirit guide of sorts, conveying insights and guidance with regard to behavior, choices, and so forth. It is considered a higher and wiser aspect of ourselves. The Thelemic concept of the Holy Guardian Angel (see below) has certain similarities, but they are not synonymous.


[hohd] The eighth sephirah on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, Hod is the lowest sephirah on the Pillar of Severity. This pillar is on the left side when viewing an image of the Tree. Hod means “Splendor” or “Glory,” and corresponds to, among other things, the rational mind, intellect, and form. This sephirah is a favored place to get mired down by ceremonial magicians who enjoy challenging each other (and newbies) regarding citations for claims or beliefs stated. Hod, when not balanced by Netzach, can cause an overly skeptical and critical attitude. It is associated with the planet Mercury and concerns itself with the intellectual articulation of ideas.

Holy Guardian Angel

[hoh-lee gahr-dee-uhn eyn-juhl] The Holy Guardian Angel, a tenet of Thelema, is an autonomous spirit that represents the ultimate potential of the magician. Gaining “Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel” (KCHGA) is an early goal and significant signpost of Thelemic progress. KCHGA is not an easy thing to acquire but it is not as difficult as Thelemites make it out to be; to attain it, one must be dedicated to the Great Work of Self-Transformation, unswayed by the challenges that present themselves along the path. Most people who pursue a magical discipline give up at the first significant challenge and therefore never acquire KCHGA.

The Holy Guardian Angel can be imagined as part higher self (only much more evolved), part autonomous spirit, part animus/anima. Its sole function is to accelerate your personal growth, and it will use whatever means necessary to attain this, whether you’re comfortable with that or not. If you are seeking KCHGA, you must “be careful what you ask for,” as once this has been attained, you will be challenged and you will not be given any quarter. Make sure that you are prepared to take these challenges without being victimized by them.


  1. Hello Sheta, it’s nice how you talk about the higher self. I learn from this post that our higher self can be our guide. I was doing a google search on ‘higher self’ and the other day I came across an article on SSRF about our higher self. The article was about how our higher self is our true state of consciousness and it is the soul ( Divine principle ) within all of us. Here is the article. What do you think about it ? –
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