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[urth] One of the four traditional western elements, comprised of dry and cool. It is associated with the suit of Pentacles in the Tarot, as well as with the material, physical, and financial. The magical tool associated with earth is the pentacle or pantacle. When it is negatively influenced or imbalanced, it can make one sluggish and lethargic.


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[em-puh-thee] The intellectual identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another ( These days, I see many people online defining empathy as experiencing these emotions so strongly that they can’t discern whether the emotions are their own or belonging to someone else.

Energy Feeding

[en-er-jee feed-ing] Every living thing feeds on energy in some form, regardless of vampiric tendencies. Meridjet, my spirit companion, discusses this in his section of this site. Each of us draws energy from ambient sources (such as the sun), and from emotional touch (such as a smile from a stranger or a hug from a loved one). Spirits also feed on energy, and like psychic vampires, they can feed directly from living donors. This does not make them incubi or succubi unless they are draining your energy and not giving anything back. As Meridjet describes in his essay, energy feeding is best performed as a loop. See Energy Loop, below.

Energy Loop

[en-er-jee loop] This term was coined by Michelle Belanger, though I’m not certain if we use it for the same reasons or define it the same way. In my estimation, an energy loop is what occurs when two beings build energy between them and both are nourished by this energy, while neither is drained. It typically begins with an offering of emotional content (love, for instance, or even desire), and that offering inspires the recipient to respond in kind. Then the energy passes back and forth between the two people, growing and building until the loop is released. Bliss is possible at times, when one is open enough.

Energy Manipulation

[en-er-jee muh-nip-yuh-lay-shuhn] Any work that moves or transmutes energy to a more beneficial state, either within oneself or in conjunction with another person or spirit.

Energy Signature

[en-er-jee sig-nuh-cher] The feel of a specific, individual presence. When a specific person or being is present in the room, their energy signature affects the state of that room and your state of mind or mood. Imagine, while alone, someone you care deeply for coming in to the room. Then change that imagining to someone who rubs you the wrong way. The difference is palpable. Imagine a desirable spirit being present, versus one who means you harm. Over time, this awareness of individual energy signature can be developed into clairsentience or enhanced empathy, as well as enhancing one’s link to his or her spirit companion or guide.

Energy Work

[en-er-jee wurk] Any work which focuses on the manipulation, purification, balance, or change of subtle or metaphysical energies (as opposed to measurable energies). This includes chakra work, aura work, building the link with a spirit companion, and so forth.

Etheric Body

[ehth-eer-ik bod-ee] The etheric body is the densest astral or subtlest physical body, depending on your view. It is the “glue” which serves as the template for the physical body. All physical objects (including living things) possess an etheric body or double. This body can be seen with the physical eyes as an envelope of energy surrounding objects, and appears colorless and similar to the effect of heat rising from the hood of a car on a hot day.


[ih-voh-kay-shuhn] To evoke something is to call it forth, either from within oneself or externally. You can evoke undesirable traits and conquer them via banishment, or you can evoke spirits to coerce them into doing your bidding. The evocation of Goetic demons is seen by many magicians as a means to gain and demonstrate authority over “lesser” or “lower” beings, thereby gaining authority over the aspects of one’s own psyche. (These demons are also often seen as manifestations of the psyche rather than as autonomous spirits, though this does not make them any less dangerous.) Evocation is generally perceived as a summoning rather than as an invitation, and is reserved for beings that lend themselves to the process of the magician exerting dominion over the universe.

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