Glossary – D


[dah-*-aht — the * indicates a guttural stop, a pause] Da’ath is the sephirah that’s not a sephirah. It represents the Abyss on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, but is not a true sephirah.

Direct Feed

[dih-rekt feed] An advanced form of conscious channeling demonstrated by opening to the channeling spirit to such an extent that one can speak or type (et al) at normal speed, conveying the spirit’s message without the need to pause and decipher what it is saying. To me, it feels the same as typing my own thoughts, except that there is no foreknowledge of intent or direction. Sometimes I am able to feel the emotional nuance (if Meridjet wishes to convey it), and at other times that nuance is absent. During direct feed, I am still fully conscious and aware of my own thoughts, but they have different energy than Meridjet’s thoughts, emotions, or words. There is no confusion between his and my own thoughts unless the link is very weak that day, in which case I can experience doubt as to the veracity of the message.


[dis-kahr-nit] The spirit of a person who has died.

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