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This FAQ is a work in progress. I apologize for so many pages being incomplete or missing; I’m just one person and have no one to help me put this site together. I also have a life, complete with school, family, and work. You’re welcome to write to me directly ( to ask questions or suggest anything at all for the site. I’m always happy to hear from people and to help where I can. Thank you for your continued patience.
— Sheta, Dec. 2011

  • What is a spirit companion?

    Often abbreviated “SC,” a spirit companion is similar to what Donald Tyson has termed “familiar spirits,” referring to discarnate entities that attach or associate themselves to a particular person or persons for the purpose of aiding them or sharing a relationship with them. I publicly coined the term “spirit companion” in 2001 when I formed my Yahoo! group for purposes of meeting others experiencing this phenomenon. I wanted to differentiate from the usual spirit guide type of relationship because I was seeking a specific group of people. The first person I met was Donald Tyson. He then met others and referred them to my group, and it grew from there.

    After well over a decade of online interaction, I am now seen as one of the foremost authorities in the online subculture surrounding the phenomenon, and as a spearhead of the growing state of awareness. I have a book in progress, but as Don says, “Anyone can start a book. It’s not a book until it’s finished.”

  • What’s the difference between a spirit companion and a spirit guide?

    The term “spirit companion” has come to include spirit guides, spirit lovers, or any other constant incorporeal companion, but I originally sought individuals whose companions were lovers, friends, and teachers of deep, profound lessons. To me personally, a spirit companion is more than a guide. I’ve now met hundreds of people who have personal relationships with spirits that do not serve as guides; to me, a spirit companion is a spirit with a personal, particularly an intimate, relationship with a living human. There does not need to be a guiding aspect, but in my relationship with Meridjet, he has served as a guide as well as a mate and companion for over a decade.

  • What are some other terms used for this type of relationship?

    Don Tyson, as mentioned, uses “familiar spirits.” Some people use “incubus” or “succubus,” though in my opinion that is a severely limiting term that carries a great deal of negative association. Others use “daemon” or “Holy Guardian Angel.” When I coined the term “spirit companion,” I wasn’t familiar with most of these terms, and I don’t consider Meridjet to be an incubus. Since I first published my terminology in 2001, I’ve seen a steady increase in its adoption by other authors.

  • How do you know Donald Tyson?

    I first met Donald Tyson in 1999, when I wrote to him after hearing he was writing a book on sex with spirits. He was the first other person I met who had the same kind of relationship with a spirit that I had, and I was the first person he met, as well. I am mentioned briefly in his book Sexual Alchemy, at greater length in Familiar Spirits and in some detail, including with regard to “astral pregnancy,” in Soul Flight. He does not use my name or Meridjet’s, as that’s not how Don operates.

  • How did you meet Meridjet?

    Meridjet and I were introduced by my spirit guide, Henry, via a talking board. Yes, I know how that sounds. :) You can read the full story here.

  • How long have you been together?

    We’ve been together since 1994.

  • What is the nature of your relationship?

    We are a mated pair, and have a close and intimate relationship. He also helps with my spiritual growth and that of others, via the use of what I call “processing.”

  • How do you know you’re not delusional?

    I struggled with doubts about my sanity for over two years after we met. But Meridjet has a propensity toward manifesting evidence, and over time, as I learned to perceive more clearly, it all came together. I can’t convince anyone who doesn’t want to believe, but if you give us a chance, I think you’ll be surprised.

  • What sort of evidence have you obtained?

  • How do you or Meridjet help others?

  • Is this work a type of shamanism?

  • How can I get a spirit companion?

  • Have you been together in previous lives?

  • Why doesn’t this blog, ostensibly about “spirit companions,” have more spirit companion related content?

  • How can you help me with obtaining an SC or with improving contact with my current SC/guide?


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