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  1. Hello. I am writin to ask how to get rid of a spirit I have never wanted. I feel like I am being violated
    This spirit won’t let me ignore it…. In the past I’ve learned to live with it , but recently its got stronger and impossible for me to ignore.
    I can see it all of the time …. If he hasn’t got my attention he annoys me until he does.
    I’ve recently started to let it write thru me but it was too draining, and he told me I was speaking to my mother then he told me hours after that it was all a joke!!
    I’m at my wits end. Cant work . Cant sleep . Cant have peace in my own mind because I am so aware of this spirit…. Please if u can help anything would be something

  2. Ive send you a message, but my e-mail was wrong. Can you please respond to this one. Thnx in advance its the story that ime 27 and want to communicate with a higher beiing who took interrest in my. And i’me dying to know with spirit it is. Thnx in advance

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