Sheta’s Story, Part 2 – Meeting Meridjet

Sheta’s Story, Part 2 – Meeting Meridjet

Part one is immediately previous to this post. I recommend this mp3 for this post (right click and save as). Meeting Meridjet, via Henry Disclaimer, I guess: Despite my years-long history of spooky encounters, the notion of a spirit being anything than either a guide or something to be afraid of had never occurred toContinue reading

Crossing the Abyss – A Repost

I originally posted this about a year ago. I just made a permanent page for it (link in the sidebar of this blog), and I’m reposting it here because I don’t know if the RSS feed picks up pages. The first time I posted it, it received zero comments, which was disappointing. Thank god IContinue reading

Wow, Nostalgia

My mood has been all over the place lately. The last couple of hours, I’ve been damn happy. Mostly lately, I’ve been blah. I’m savoring this happy time. So I’m working on my book and listening to Winamp. And Rush’s “The Trees” comes on, and wow… what a rush. No pun intended. I’m remembering withContinue reading

Crossing the Abyss, From Meridjet

Well, as I said a few days ago, I’ve begun posting on this new site, PeopleJam. I made one post on spirit companions, and had some very nice comments. Quite a few, in fact, for a first post. So tonight I made another. For some reason, I used the rich text editor, which I neverContinue reading

Angels? Or Something

I’m looking at the next post in the archives (moving from most distant past, forward) of my old LiveJournal and it’s a post from 2003 regarding an angelic visitation in 1999. I was doing daily LBRP and other rituals at that time, and so was accustomed to seeing manifestations of the four archangels from thatContinue reading