Sheta’s Story, Part 2 – Meeting Meridjet

Sheta’s Story, Part 2 – Meeting Meridjet

Part one is immediately previous to this post. I recommend this mp3 for this post (right click and save as). Meeting Meridjet, via Henry Disclaimer, I guess: Despite my years-long history of spooky encounters, the notion of a spirit being anything than either a guide or something to be afraid of had never occurred toContinue reading

Wow, Nostalgia

My mood has been all over the place lately. The last couple of hours, I’ve been damn happy. Mostly lately, I’ve been blah. I’m savoring this happy time. So I’m working on my book and listening to Winamp. And Rush’s “The Trees” comes on, and wow… what a rush. No pun intended. I’m remembering withContinue reading

Personal Growth Discussion

I was having a chat with a long-lost, rediscovered friend today that resulted in some stuff I wanted to save. Skim if you like, but I recommend reading. We were discussing qabala, and I found some quotes… Sheta: “The word nephesh (soul) designates the lower self in the time of sleep, whilst the term ‘ruach’Continue reading

Hope is Within You

Once in a while I receive an email from someone seeking my help or Meridjet’s help with problems and issues that I’m not remotely qualified for. Often, these people are already in counseling or other treatment that provide them the tools they need to solve things on their own. But I can’t abandon them to the silence of no reply, so I try to encourage them where I can.

Back in December, I received one such email from a man trying desperately to find hope. He had limited computer access, and after several failed attempts at trying to meet up on IM, he disappeared. I was just thinking about him yesterday as I was cleaning out my cluttered inbox. I finally archived his letters, as it had been three months