Have a Pickle. I Have Spares.

Have a Pickle. I Have Spares.

Two issues have arisen this past week to gain new levels of priority, impelled by that all too familiar feeling of “Processing.” One came to light incrementally — a long-standing issue that has become impossible to ignore. It’s in the way of my personal growth, now, and while I’m not sure how I’m going toContinue reading

The Problem with Ouija Boards

I received a Facebook email this morning from a young lady who has been playing with a Ouija board. In the interest of sharing the issue in general, I’m going to paste that email here with my response. I hope this will help others who are using talking boards with little to no success. HerContinue reading

Book Series, Part 1

Chapter One, part 1 For the purposes of this series of articles, a spirit companion is more than a spirit guide or a spirit friend. While technically each of these could be considered companions, the term “spirit companion” was created with a specific dynamic in mind. Simply put, a spirit companion (SC) is a spiritContinue reading

Because Meridjet Demands It

I’ve been instructed, or prodded rather, to compose this entry by His Majesty, the at times annoying spirit guy that hangs out with me. I don’t know what’s on his mind, other than to recount the story of last night’s party. Last night as in Saturday night, because it’s still dark and I haven’t sleptContinue reading

Unexpected Bliss

After my unexpected channel of Meridjet earlier this evening, I found myself in a late night chat with my friend Tim. He did some mediating between Meridjet and me at our other-house, since I’ve been having issues with clarity and a month-long bout of fatigue. No, this is not something that just anyone can do,Continue reading