Nuances of Politics

Nuances of Politics

I’m watching “Young Victoria” and I’ve just had an epiphany I’m embarrassed to admit was so late in coming. Perhaps I needed it spelled out to me in just this way. An excellent Emily Blunt plays Victoria with sweet subtlety, as we see the young queen overcoming the pressure of literally everyone in her lifeContinue reading

The Year Can Begin… Now

I wasn’t ready til now. I’m just starting to take down my holiday decorations; the tree is still up and so are the lights outside. I’ll get to them. Today I picked up everything else and organized it into three boxes, two of which were crammed with wrapping paper and ribbon. My brother gave itContinue reading

The Experience of Avatar

I will probably cry during the writing of this post. Possibly more than once. I’m just saying. Sunday when I came out of the theater as everyone else visited the restrooms, I started crying (again), hyperventilating a little and fighting to regain control of myself as people passed me entering and leaving the theater. ThisContinue reading

Success on Your Own Terms

I’ve been emailing back and forth with Tonya Kay (see thumbnail), a new writer in Rending the Veil‘s increasingly impressive roster of contributors. She is a uniquely special individual, and I thought I’d share some of her enthusiasm with you, along with some links. I’m not really familiar with her body of work, but herContinue reading

Overdue Concert Review – The Cult

I’m sitting here going through my .mp3s one at a time, in an attempt to weed out bad or truncated files and to come up with a couple of good playlists (one more evocative and “emo,” and one of high energy/good driving music) for my friend Mel for Christmas. I believe I mentioned this planContinue reading