Foolproof Idea to Prevent Terrorism

Foolproof Idea to Prevent Terrorism

I had this idea for what Obama could do to root out Al Qaeda and whomever else. It’s guaranteed to work and it’s really, really cost effective. First, the government begins a cat shit recycling program. Every cat owner in the U.S. donates their dirty cat litter. The cat litter is first sifted, the free-fallingContinue reading

OMG A Meme

Something I stole from bunney at LiveJournal… Go to Urban Dictionary and look up your real answers to find the crazy answers! 1.) Your name? Julie Sweet and downy haired girl, changable, and often misunderstood and complex. A fearful creature as well as highly loyal. She will rule your affection and once you have hersContinue reading

Bit of Thelemic Humor

From a chat log moments ago, as proof that I’m silly when I’m tired: david: before he says the thing about interpreting your own mystery he says about 24 “which to them that hath understanding signifies the interplay of the 3 and the 8.” 8 im assuming he means the magician — and 3 isContinue reading

English Language FAIL

I’ve been combing the thesaurus and the dictionary for a synonym for “experience” (verb form). Did you know that, unless you have a very specific experience in mind (e.g. “feel” or “imagine” or “meet,” et al), there isn’t a good substitute? I need an adjective adverb form of “experience,” ending in -ly, and since thereContinue reading

Distant Travel

So I was sitting here accomplishing not a friggin’ thing, feeling like crap, and the thought of cooking was too much to bear. So I got online and ordered a pizza from Domino’s – not my first choice, but it’s the only place that delivers here. I wait for the online order thingy to tellContinue reading