There’s A Storm Comin’ and We’d All Best Be Ready When She Does

The tropical storm known as Edouard (that’s not a typo) is hovering off the coast of Texas/Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico and is due to hit here tomorrow. And when I say, “here,” I do mean here. Observe: That star is the location of my house. Though Edouard (I guess that sounds like “Edward,”Continue reading


MICROSOFT is: Many Idiots Conspiring Routinely Over Software Over-Fucking Techniques I’d claim the copyright for that off-the-top-of-my-head anagram, but they’d probably sue me. Like half of America (at least), I’ve spent the last 48 hours offline due to the most recent XP security patch fucking up my system. I called tech support for my ISPContinue reading

I’ve Officially Reached Geekdom

I just built a new PC for my daughter and I to share. I harvested an old Dell case, gutted it to get a look at the bits, ordered a new motherboard w/AMD processor, power supply, heat sink, and 2 gigs of RAM. It cost right at $150. I put it together, added a newish dvd/cd burner, an old floppy, my zip drive and the 250 gig hard drive from my old computer (wiped). I wanted the experience because I’m putting together a computer repair service out of the house.

It wouldn’t power up. I took it completely apart, did some Googling, fixed a few odds & ends. Still wouldn’t power up. My motherboard map sheet was getting dog-eared. I finally reset the CMOS header, not expecting it to do