What Fires Your Soul with Passion and Inspiration?

What Fires Your Soul with Passion and Inspiration?

Well over a year ago, I started a post with an old original-to-Sheta survey and my responses. It’s still unfinished in the drafts folder, but I was just looking at it for the first time since and found this question. My answer pleased me, so I’m giving it up here. It serves as a reallyContinue reading

In the Spirit of Friendship

I get email forwards all the time. Most of us do. Today I got one that was a little more inspiring than the average fare, and I thought I would share some of it, with a little commentary. I hope you will find it equally inspiring. People come into your life for a reason, aContinue reading

Crossing the Abyss – A Repost

I originally posted this about a year ago. I just made a permanent page for it (link in the sidebar of this blog), and I’m reposting it here because I don’t know if the RSS feed picks up pages. The first time I posted it, it received zero comments, which was disappointing. Thank god IContinue reading

Belief and Metaphor

This is my second column in Rending the Veil, from January 2007. The first step to expanding your reality is to discard the tendency to exclude things from possibility. — Meridjet Paradigm Shifting and Reality Tunnels “‘Paradigm shift[ing]’ has found uses. . . representing the notion of a major change in a certain thought-pattern —Continue reading

Meridjet Motives in a New Light

I was reading Wikipedia a bit ago, about schema therapy. There was a link at the bottom to their page on Cognitive Dissonance, in which I found this gem: Most of the research on cognitive dissonance takes the form of “induced compliance without sufficient justification.” In these studies, participants are asked to write an essayContinue reading