The Early Days – Sheta

The Early Days – Sheta

Alanora has inspired me by telling her story, and I realized I’ve never told the beginnings of my own story with Meridjet. Pretty much everyone knows how it started, but I’ve never expounded upon that. I guess I should do so now. First, The Backstory For those who haven’t heard the beginning, I will retellContinue reading

A Break, For a Dream

My birds were being so loud for so long that I had to take an Ativan. Sheesh. Now I have headphones on so as to gain some control over what noise I’m exposed to. It reminded me of my dream this morning. The dream seemed important so I want to make a record of it.Continue reading

Crossing the Abyss, From Meridjet

Well, as I said a few days ago, I’ve begun posting on this new site, PeopleJam. I made one post on spirit companions, and had some very nice comments. Quite a few, in fact, for a first post. So tonight I made another. For some reason, I used the rich text editor, which I neverContinue reading

Personal Growth Discussion

I was having a chat with a long-lost, rediscovered friend today that resulted in some stuff I wanted to save. Skim if you like, but I recommend reading. We were discussing qabala, and I found some quotes… Sheta: “The word nephesh (soul) designates the lower self in the time of sleep, whilst the term ‘ruach’Continue reading

Heads Up for the Unwary, and an Apology

I’ve adapted this post from an email I sent to my staff list (the staff of Rending the Veil). I feel it is pertinent enough to pass to others who may have to deal with me. The first paragraph is business, then it gets personal. I have a couple of things to bring up, ifContinue reading