The Otherkin Problem

The Otherkin Problem

For the first time in at least a year and probably more like 2, I’m Processing something heavy. I’ve attempted to ignore it and brush it under the rug, and previously when these feelings emerged I was able to do that. This time, not so much. Worse, it’s become apparent to me that there areContinue reading

Website Review:

A few items of intriguing synchronicity have occurred, which I think deserve bringing up to my favorite blog readers: you folks. 1) I am editing a new book for Immanion Press, and it’s on modern vampires and vampirism. I don’t want to give away anything in advance without checking with my boss and the author, so that will have to suffice. 2) I’ve recently corresponded with Michelle Belanger a few times, and am reading her Psychic Vampire Codex off and on. 3) Most recently, a LiveJournal ‘friend’ posted something I intend to include in this post on allegedly how to protect yourself from “emotional vampires.”

He included a link to the original source, and I’ve clicked over to check it out. Has anyone ever heard of

House Kheperu

I’ve been away for various reasons, and I’m not sure how much attention my various blogs and journals will get in the immediate future, but I’ll do my best to keep up.

Recently, my friend Kinjou Ten introduced me, sort of by proxy, to Michelle Belanger, author of the book The Psychic Vampire Codex and head of House Kheperu. I had heard of her from him prior to this, and from various other folks in passing, but was only vaguely informed on what exactly House Kheperu is and what she’s like. (I know this seems perhaps off-topic for this blog, but bear with me.) The things I’d heard about their paradigm were strange and off-putting, but there was at the same time a sort of glimmer in the back