Astrological Events of Note in 2010

Source: 2010 Major Highlights – Global impacts on everyone: Jupiter in Pisces — Expansive Change — Jan 17, 2010 to Jun 4, 2010 and Sept 9, 2010 to Jan 22, 2011. Jupiter in Aries — Large New Beginnings — Jun 6, 2010 to Sept 9, 2010 and Jan 22, 2022 to Jun 4, 2011.Continue reading


I didn’t plan to post tonight (hey, it’s still dark…), but this was too intense. First of all, let me thank those who commented to my last post. I’ll answer tomorrow. I was away today, but it’s been decided that Rending the Veil will go on hiatus after the Yule issue, until I can getContinue reading

Coupla Things – Dare to be Different, Tarot, Astrology

The Dare to be Different group is going well so far, attracting a wide variety of blogs and bloggers. By request, membership has been extended to blogs not using the EntreCard widget. If you have a blog that showcases something different or if you are an unusual person who openly blogs in a way thatContinue reading

Current Ephemeris and Astrological Reference

Edited to add: I’ve corrected my chart below from the version I posted a moment ago. I recently found my birth certificate and discovered I was born 30 minutes earlier than I thought. This changes the house positions quite a bit, and moves Uranus in Leo to the 12th house when it had been shownContinue reading