Sheta’s Story, Part 2 – Meeting Meridjet

Sheta’s Story, Part 2 – Meeting Meridjet

Part one is immediately previous to this post. I recommend this mp3 for this post (right click and save as). Meeting Meridjet, via Henry Disclaimer, I guess: Despite my years-long history of spooky encounters, the notion of a spirit being anything than either a guide or something to be afraid of had never occurred toContinue reading

Book Series, Part 1

Chapter One, part 1 For the purposes of this series of articles, a spirit companion is more than a spirit guide or a spirit friend. While technically each of these could be considered companions, the term “spirit companion” was created with a specific dynamic in mind. Simply put, a spirit companion (SC) is a spiritContinue reading

Valentine My Valentine

I started this post on Thursday night, but got too sick to finish. I’m behind on my book editing assignment and I really don’t have time to do an update, I’m going to anyway because if I don’t, I may very well forget or decide it’s not important enough. I do the same thing withContinue reading

Poll – Can I Have Your Opinion?

I’m taking a poll because this blog has at last reached the point where I either go for broke or start to seriously filter content. Meridjet is definitely stepping up the activity level, and it’s very clearly going to include a lot of astral level interaction. While I got used to this sort of thingContinue reading

Joey Was Here

Among the stranger synchronicities of recent days, today I found myself Wiki-ing Joey Ramone, who has been on my mind all night, only to discover that today is his birthday. He would have been 57 this year, which makes him ten years older than I am. Or would have.

Once during a week of weird behavior on Meridjet’s part, I showed up at our “astral house” (a shared space, construct, or whatever) to find him talking to a very tall and lanky guy I could have sworn was Joey Ramone. I promptly about-faced and hid in the kitchen til he was gone. This probably makes me the wimpiest person ever: either I missed my chance to meet a dead punk idol, or I am afraid of my own imagination. Ha!