Brand New from the Twilight Zone

Brand New from the Twilight Zone

Okay, so we have problems with things we just had vanishing from sight. We, in these incidents, can conduct an exhaustive search, often with help, to no avail. In other words, this occurs in front of witnesses on a regular basis. We have made jokes about the faeries, but I grow less skeptical as thisContinue reading

This Guy Died, Except He Didn’t

Occasionally, things in my life happen twice. It’s an anomaly I’m still trying to figure out. (Edit: This one turned out to be simply mistaken identity, which is a relief. It usually isn’t so simple to solve.) It first happened in the 1980s when a favorite actor, Will Sampson, died of a heart attack. ThenContinue reading

Comments on Weird Anomalies in Reality

There are some very interesting comment threads in my LiveJournal on the crosspost of my blog entry about anomalies and weird things in my life. After some thought I’ve decided to go ahead and make it public just this once. So read up, and see what should be happening here. The link. Don’t say IContinue reading

Time and Time Again

It’s very frustrating to have weird experiences with events repeating or particular bits of reality changing at random times and to have no idea how to research this. I have googled until I had a migraine on more than one occasion, without finding anything that wasn’t either fiction or completely out there (like sites onContinue reading