Meridjet Motives in a New Light

I was reading Wikipedia a bit ago, about schema therapy. There was a link at the bottom to their page on Cognitive Dissonance, in which I found this gem: Most of the research on cognitive dissonance takes the form of “induced compliance without sufficient justification.” In these studies, participants are asked to write an essayContinue reading

Trust is a Difficult Issue

For documentation purposes, I need to post about a recent event, though there’s only so much I want to post publicly. I’m looking into a way to filter some posts to registered users of this site, but for now I will only give a sketchy description and it will have to do. A couple of weeks ago, Meridjet encouraged me to go out on a limb in a situation I was having trouble with. He told me that if I would trust him and “do what you need to do,” that it would resolve itself within a few days. He gave a specific day, Wednesday, and of course I took it to mean the following Wednesday. He also said that holding on to a situation too tightly out of

Meridjet’s Use of the Process

As promised, I’m posting some archival stuff since InsaneJournal is loading (albeit slowly). I’m going to put in a few excerpts in an attempt to create a progression because it’s been a while since my last set of archival posts.

From 13 October 2003:

…First off, it became increasingly apparent yesterday that Meridjet’s reassurances Saturday night sounded rote because they were. In fact, that was all he said to me. Reassurance x3, sex, sleep. It took a while to dawn on me. Sometimes I’m dense. I guess I was just so badly in need of reassurance that I was willing to accept what he held out. In fact, it was just adding to the overall Work process.

After last night’s hard processing (Sorry for the constant use of that word, but that’s

Archives: Processing and Pain

I noticed yesterday that my posts with cuts (or at least the most recent one) seem to hit the RSS feed without a link, so goody for you folks reading the feed, I guess. But I am still using a cut tag here, because it allows me to pretend there’s something like security on this post, which in turn allows me to lower the overall embarrassment effect when I think of people seeing this. :))

Collar Me in My Dreams

Collar Me in My Dreams

Another quick archival post, that was posted as an addendum to my last post of a few minutes ago.

“Just remembered. After processing dreams ended, I dreamt I went collar shopping. I tried on a metal one made of a bunch of very cool-looking links (variety of maybe four different kinds forming clusters, each link of a different type of metal) and almost got that but decided it was too necklacy. Then I moved on to leather, but all they had were pastels. *laughsnort* I was going for purple when the dream shifted and there were a bunch of zombies or some shit like that wandering around. We had to evacuate. Later there was some sexual aspect which I can’t see clearly now, but I woke up on the verge