New Term: Inflicted Insight

New Term: Inflicted Insight

From Wikipedia: Inflicted Insight: Inflicted insight is a possible consequence for subjects participating in certain kinds of research. It occurs when the subject is given insight into his flaws through his participation in an experiment, often unexpectedly or causing emotional pain. It is especially likely in social and psychological research and especially when that researchContinue reading

Meridjet Motives in a New Light

I was reading Wikipedia a bit ago, about schema therapy. There was a link at the bottom to their page on Cognitive Dissonance, in which I found this gem: Most of the research on cognitive dissonance takes the form of “induced compliance without sufficient justification.” In these studies, participants are asked to write an essayContinue reading

Trust is a Difficult Issue

For documentation purposes, I need to post about a recent event, though there’s only so much I want to post publicly. I’m looking into a way to filter some posts to registered users of this site, but for now I will only give a sketchy description and it will have to do. A couple of weeks ago, Meridjet encouraged me to go out on a limb in a situation I was having trouble with. He told me that if I would trust him and “do what you need to do,” that it would resolve itself within a few days. He gave a specific day, Wednesday, and of course I took it to mean the following Wednesday. He also said that holding on to a situation too tightly out of

Meridjet and Lying, or Moral Ambiguity for a Cause

In an archival post from the old, defunct LiveJournal, dated 24 October 2003, I quoted an email regarding his ability to lie. My ideas have changed since then, but I am gonna go ahead and give you the old perspective first. The email text in italics, then the body of the post:

He doesn’t seem able to lie directly, but he isn’t inclined to tell me more than he has to, either.

This is typical from what I’ve seen. Now grok this: If you ask, “Is your name John Smith?” he can say yes and it’s somehow not the same as him flat out saying, “My name is John Smith.” I’ve been thinking about the fact that they [spirits] supposedly can’t lie but they can let you believe what you need

Spirits are Morally Ambiguous

Today, as I slept, there was discussion on the spirit companion yahoogroup regarding spirits, lying, and teaching lessons. One member described how her SC tests her by teaching her hard, painful lessons, and other members chipped in to opine that ‘good’ spirits would never lie or do anything to hurt their human charges. I agree with the original poster and I find the dissenting point of view to be short-sighted, and I replied just now with this:

“ They don’t flat out lie. But they will make ambiguous statements that you can interpret according to your hopes or fears, and then you will act on what you think they said. This creates the lesson.

“Manipulation for the purposes of showing you things is not always wrong. It’s humans who see