Book Series, Part 2 – Doubt

What follows will be the last unfiltered bit of my manuscript that I will post. If you’d like to see more, please go here and sign up for this series. Chapter One, part 2: Doubt Doubt is one of the hardest challenges in the spirit companion (SC) relationship. Doubt can be anything from objectively waitingContinue reading

Book Series, Part 1

Chapter One, part 1 For the purposes of this series of articles, a spirit companion is more than a spirit guide or a spirit friend. While technically each of these could be considered companions, the term “spirit companion” was created with a specific dynamic in mind. Simply put, a spirit companion (SC) is a spiritContinue reading

Poll – Can I Have Your Opinion?

I’m taking a poll because this blog has at last reached the point where I either go for broke or start to seriously filter content. Meridjet is definitely stepping up the activity level, and it’s very clearly going to include a lot of astral level interaction. While I got used to this sort of thingContinue reading

Meridjet Motives in a New Light

I was reading Wikipedia a bit ago, about schema therapy. There was a link at the bottom to their page on Cognitive Dissonance, in which I found this gem: Most of the research on cognitive dissonance takes the form of “induced compliance without sufficient justification.” In these studies, participants are asked to write an essayContinue reading


I didn’t plan to post tonight (hey, it’s still dark…), but this was too intense. First of all, let me thank those who commented to my last post. I’ll answer tomorrow. I was away today, but it’s been decided that Rending the Veil will go on hiatus after the Yule issue, until I can getContinue reading