Book Series, Part 1

Chapter One, part 1 For the purposes of this series of articles, a spirit companion is more than a spirit guide or a spirit friend. While technically each of these could be considered companions, the term “spirit companion” was created with a specific dynamic in mind. Simply put, a spirit companion (SC) is a spiritContinue reading

Distant Travel

So I was sitting here accomplishing not a friggin’ thing, feeling like crap, and the thought of cooking was too much to bear. So I got online and ordered a pizza from Domino’s – not my first choice, but it’s the only place that delivers here. I wait for the online order thingy to tellContinue reading


I didn’t plan to post tonight (hey, it’s still dark…), but this was too intense. First of all, let me thank those who commented to my last post. I’ll answer tomorrow. I was away today, but it’s been decided that Rending the Veil will go on hiatus after the Yule issue, until I can getContinue reading

Something Weird

For several months, I’ve been seeing far more than the usual number of shadowy movements seen from the corner of my eye. They are growing in realism and frequency, and in the past two days I’ve seen at least a dozen out of the corner of my left eye (none from my right in thatContinue reading

Halloweens of Yore, and Spirit-Induced UTIs

This post is from November 2, 2003 (the one I just posted was from October of 2003, but the events themselves were four years prior). I’m going to bed in a minute but wanted to leave one more Meridjet-related story before I went. I’m trying to sleep forward; sleep deprivation backfires and makes me manic,Continue reading