Meridjet Speaks – Manifesting Wishes

Meridjet Speaks – Manifesting Wishes

On the Spirit Companion Yahoogroup, a member asked for Meridjet and others to sound off on books such as The Secret that espouse manifesting your reality. The one she referenced said that whatever you ask for is immediately granted. She also wondered about impossible wishes, such as making a person look different or regrow anContinue reading

Book Series, Part 1

Chapter One, part 1 For the purposes of this series of articles, a spirit companion is more than a spirit guide or a spirit friend. While technically each of these could be considered companions, the term “spirit companion” was created with a specific dynamic in mind. Simply put, a spirit companion (SC) is a spiritContinue reading

Crossing the Abyss – A Repost

I originally posted this about a year ago. I just made a permanent page for it (link in the sidebar of this blog), and I’m reposting it here because I don’t know if the RSS feed picks up pages. The first time I posted it, it received zero comments, which was disappointing. Thank god IContinue reading

Chat Log: Donald Tyson and Meridjet re: Free Will

November 2003 — This is a chat log between Meridjet and Donald Tyson from 5 years ago; it’s amazing to think that much time has gone by! They start out discussing Don’s idea regarding spirits helping psychiatrists with subconscious work, and progress into a theological discussion about angels and whether or not they have freeContinue reading

Crossing the Abyss, From Meridjet

Well, as I said a few days ago, I’ve begun posting on this new site, PeopleJam. I made one post on spirit companions, and had some very nice comments. Quite a few, in fact, for a first post. So tonight I made another. For some reason, I used the rich text editor, which I neverContinue reading