Kitties Rule, Except For That Awful Smell

Hey folks, long time no anything! I thought you might like to see a couple of pictures of the new kittens, who are 8 weeks and 1 day old. We have four, all males, and they’ve officially entered the cute overload stage. They do little hopping attacks and leaps, graceful and clumsy all at once.Continue reading

Things Are Definitely Moving

You know how it goes when you’re trying to, for example, clean out a closet or garage or other area that’s very disorganized – you make a much bigger mess before you actually create anything like order from the chaos. Yeah. That’s my life for the last two months, and it’s accelerating, compounding, and takingContinue reading

Do You Need Positive Energy (aka Blessings), Too?

In my traditional shameless (if increasingly rare) fashion, I’m here to beg you kind people to please send positive energy or blessing my way. As so many of us are now, I’m in temporary financial crisis and will need some good luck to get through this unscathed. I am willing to add you to myContinue reading

A Break, For a Dream

My birds were being so loud for so long that I had to take an Ativan. Sheesh. Now I have headphones on so as to gain some control over what noise I’m exposed to. It reminded me of my dream this morning. The dream seemed important so I want to make a record of it.Continue reading

Successful Fundraiser

I’m thrilled to announce that the fundraiser has been a smashing success! You folks are so generous and compassionate, and I am very grateful to each of you. Thank you so much! My account is out of the red and into the black by enough to save me from panicking – plus you came throughContinue reading