OMG Yikes

I’ve lived probably half my 48 years in the South, but I’ve never gotten used to the bugs. The first time I ever saw a giant cockroach was in Florida, where they call them “palmetto bugs.” I walked into the hallway in the middle of the night and turned on the light, only to seeContinue reading

Hello Dolly. Thanks for the Spiders.

Dolly the hurricane has been south of here, dumping buckets of rain on us. It’s been raining hard for most of the last two days. So, naturally, the bugs are running for their lives. I just found another 3 to 4 inch Southern House Spider in my bathtub and sprayed it with enough bug sprayContinue reading

What Is WITH The Spiders?

Remember a few weeks ago when I found a very large “Southern House Spider” in my bedroom and killed it? Then a couple of days ago when I killed a big Wolf Spider with an egg sac on the porch? Well, that same night I came inside and killed another huge Southern House Spider inContinue reading

Wolf Spider! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!

I was outside cleaning the porch (it’s not horribly hot right now) in preparation for yet another plumber visit, when something large and white zipped between my feet at warp speed. I suspected a spider but it had vanished into a pile of stuff by the time I turned around. A bit later I cleanedContinue reading

Spiders Stay Outside

I intended to complete yesterday’s post, but other things got in the way and it’ll just have to wait. I am no longer quite focused in that direction. Meridjet has grown quiet over the last couple of days, though not completely silent. Last night I had dreams from which I awoke with a general understanding that there was activity worthy of note, but the details eluded me. It’s been that kind of month.

Back in Seattle, I noticed a tendency for any emotional eruption during the day to manifest that evening with a guest: a wolf spider would come into the house and run across my hardwood floors, leading me on a chase. Big suckers… The first one I saw in that house was on the fireplace wall when we