Winters Are Like Leap Years

I had to leave the house a couple of hours ago to visit the next burg about 20 minutes from here (usually, at least). When I left, I knew I was in for potential trouble. See, this is south Texas, and people here are completely ignorant of how to drive in winter weather. It wasContinue reading

An Open Letter to All Concerned

I’m crossposting this to relevant places (and email) to reduce my catch-up time. I bet some of you are wondering where I disappeared to for so long. I live on Trinity Bay just east of Houston, about a mile from the mouth of the Houston Ship Channel. Hurricane Ike forced a mandatory evacuation of myContinue reading

Update on Ike

Ike whipped our asses down here in Houston. we went under mandatory evacuation for my zip code, which started noon on Thursday. I had no time to prepare and so I left a ton of stuff on the font porch. We packed and were out of the area by 2 pm. Came to my mom’sContinue reading

Evacuating – I Don’t Like Ike

I’ve been trying to avoid leaving, but now we are under mandatory evacuation starting at noon. I’ve had two fitful hours of sleep and have nothing done, so we have to get a lot of stuff outside put somewhere safe, and then pack up and leave. The cats will be staying here, as will theContinue reading

Still Going: The Energizer Sheta

Well, I may not be that manic, but at least I’m still getting up in the morning rather than in the afternoon. I woke up at 8:30 a.m. after dreaming I’d slept til 3 — woke up with a panicked jolt, in fact. I gathered up a bunch of books to donate to the library,Continue reading