Cats in Need of Good Home

Attention Houston area people and those in the general region: A while back, as you know, I was involved with a local shelter and rescued several kittens. My involvement with the shelter has tapered considerably, but I still have five cats (four are now 11 months old) that need homes. I need to place theseContinue reading

Dead Cat

Earlier tonight my daughter and I went out for a bit; we got home around 9 pm, or four hours ago. Kara just went out to go for a walk and found a dead cat on our walk. Our driveway is about 50 yards long and it’s another 15 feet to the porch; the catContinue reading

Painting Project Photos

My brother recruited me about a month ago to paint some furniture for him. He lucked into some furniture by some elite artist for his resale shop, and decided I’d be handy to paint some up for sale. I checked out the website, which I can’t find now. I can’t remember the url and anContinue reading

Fundraiser: Urgent and Ongoing (for a while)

For immediate concern: The feline division of Homeward Bound (that’s us) is in urgent and immediate need of funds for the care and treatment of the foster kittens and cats in our possession. Right now, we have five male kittens and two adult female fosters. The kittens and one of the adults need to beContinue reading

Kitties Rule, Except For That Awful Smell

Hey folks, long time no anything! I thought you might like to see a couple of pictures of the new kittens, who are 8 weeks and 1 day old. We have four, all males, and they’ve officially entered the cute overload stage. They do little hopping attacks and leaps, graceful and clumsy all at once.Continue reading