The Otherkin Problem

The Otherkin Problem

For the first time in at least a year and probably more like 2, I’m Processing something heavy. I’ve attempted to ignore it and brush it under the rug, and previously when these feelings emerged I was able to do that. This time, not so much. Worse, it’s become apparent to me that there areContinue reading

Attention All GLBT and Friends: For Immediate Release

Join the Impact‘s first national demonstration will be December 10, 2008 and is called: Please visit this website for details: [with minor edits] “On December 10, you are encouraged not to call in sick to work – you are encouraged to call in gay – and donate your time to service! December 10, 2008Continue reading

A Message of Import

There’s been a lot of behind-the-scenes legal battling going on with regard to various Internet providers desiring to block or restrict certain types of access to the Web. Comcast is one company that wants to sell its priority connections to high-paying corporate accounts and “providing” the remaining dribbles to the home user. I have beenContinue reading

Pot Prohibition Leads to Death via Police Blackmail

Police caught Hoffman with pot but promised to drop charges if she agreed to go undercover in a drug bust. She was killed soon afterward. Rachel Hoffman is dead. Rachel Hoffman, like many young adults, occasionally smoked marijuana. But Rachel Hoffman is not dead as a result of smoking marijuana; she is dead as aContinue reading

Personal Inventory

Today’s been a busy day, full of a wide range of information both good and bad. My thoughts are largely inarticulate, but my energy level is sub-par so I’m sure that’s why. Best news of the day: Confirmed that my daughter’s Social Security disability has been approved. No word yet on how much she’ll be getting, but it will allow us to survive a little easier. I’m not sure when the regular payments will start, but they said that we should receive information by mail within the next ten to fifteen days.

I saw my counselor again, second visit. I was late again, and my reputation for punctuality is being ruined. *sob* I took Kara (daughter) in with me so she could get an idea of what therapy is like