Sheta’s Paranormal Noise Radio Interview – Part One

Sheta’s Paranormal Noise Radio Interview – Part One

Okay, sorry for the delay. Here’s the archive of my radio show — the first segment; there will be more to follow at some point. Be advised, this is a 29 megabyte file, so adjust accordingly. Link to Sheta’s Paranormal Noise radio interview. Click to play, or right click and “save target as.” You canContinue reading

Wow, Nostalgia

My mood has been all over the place lately. The last couple of hours, I’ve been damn happy. Mostly lately, I’ve been blah. I’m savoring this happy time. So I’m working on my book and listening to Winamp. And Rush’s “The Trees” comes on, and wow… what a rush. No pun intended. I’m remembering withContinue reading

Overdue Concert Review – The Cult

I’m sitting here going through my .mp3s one at a time, in an attempt to weed out bad or truncated files and to come up with a couple of good playlists (one more evocative and “emo,” and one of high energy/good driving music) for my friend Mel for Christmas. I believe I mentioned this planContinue reading

Anybody Listening?

I know I’ve been away too long, but I only have time for this quick “spam” post and I’ll be back! Last week, during our newly traditional Friday night get-togethers, Tina had her stereo and her iPod, and this song came on. I don’t think I’d heard it in 13 years since I moved here…Continue reading