Homeless Shelters and Bedbugs Links

Homeless Shelters and Bedbugs Links

I found a few really cool links in the latest issue of Redbook. One is to look up (or make) bedbug infestation reports at apartments and hotels around the U.S. Go to Bedbug Registry.com to find out if your potential apartment complex, home, or hotel has reports of infestations. You can either enter the nameContinue reading

In Which I Rant

The New York Times today reports (among content about the new health care bill and the release of the names of those killed at Fort Hood) that “There are just over 100 people in the world serving sentences of life without parole for crimes they committed as juveniles in which no one was killed; 77Continue reading

One Reason to Care

The New York Times online this morning featured an article on the Louisiana coast and the marshes populated by Cajuns who settled there over two hundred years ago. The land there was once replenished regularly by sediment deposits left behind when the Mississippi River overflowed and receded. Seventy years ago, the levee system along theContinue reading