I Am Psychologically Disturbed

I Am Psychologically Disturbed

Quote by Jude Law as “Doctor Watson” in 2010’s Sherlock Holmes, and which I use on a page I’m working on. One of the clutter items I’m drowning in is notebooks. Spiral bound, ledger, datebooks, diaries, 3-ring binders of various sizes, and so on. I have stacks of notebooks, either blank, full, or with variousContinue reading

The Experience of Avatar

I will probably cry during the writing of this post. Possibly more than once. I’m just saying. Sunday when I came out of the theater as everyone else visited the restrooms, I started crying (again), hyperventilating a little and fighting to regain control of myself as people passed me entering and leaving the theater. ThisContinue reading

A Break, For a Dream

My birds were being so loud for so long that I had to take an Ativan. Sheesh. Now I have headphones on so as to gain some control over what noise I’m exposed to. It reminded me of my dream this morning. The dream seemed important so I want to make a record of it.Continue reading

Meridjet is Dreamwalking Again

Night before last, Meridjet performed his first dreamwalk in nearly two years. My friend Caliedo dreamt that she was rushing around her house getting ready to go out, and was in a bedroom/living room sort of combo, adjacent to the kitchen. There were a few people in the kitchen, all men she thought, and MeridjetContinue reading

Quick and Personal

For anyone looking for me for either RTV stuff or Yahoo IM, I’ve been offline almost constantly since finally returning home from evacuation on September 21. First, the cable (internet) was out til I think the 3rd of October. Since then, I’ve been alternately extremely busy, extremely depressed, or feeling physically like shit. Today, it’sContinue reading