Kitties Rule, Except For That Awful Smell

Hey folks, long time no anything! I thought you might like to see a couple of pictures of the new kittens, who are 8 weeks and 1 day old. We have four, all males, and they’ve officially entered the cute overload stage. They do little hopping attacks and leaps, graceful and clumsy all at once.Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Art

I worked on this most of the last two days. It’s not perfect, heh, and the resemblance could be better, but my shading is improving so I’m happy enough with it. I’ll probably look at it fresh tomorrow and cringe (or today, rather), but oh well. Here it be. Click image to see a largerContinue reading

Upcoming Prezzies for My Crew

This year, I hope that Rending the Veil becomes a more professional enterprise, and to promote that, I have ordered business cards for myself, Gerald, and Cally. I’m posting them because I want to. lol. I really need to sleep some more, but for now, have a gander at these…       I didContinue reading

New Banner

I’m updating a few pages that didn’t have thumbnails yet, and while I was at it I made a banner from the logo that Mats made for the site. Here it is, for those inclined to post it. (You can find others in the “Of Interest” section above.) Link to, of course.

Moved! and New Year, and Photos

Moved! This site has been moved to a new hosting company and a new server. There was some down time last night because I got sucked into watching Leverage with my daughter. We watched 3 episodes on the DVR, and then I checked the site to find a database error. Fixed it right around midnight,Continue reading