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/announcer voice Once upon a time, there was a flirtatious spirit who nevertheless possessed great knowledge. He lived with this dichotomy, prancing about with abandon at one moment and waxing philosophical the next. Rather like an idiot savant, now that I think about it.

This spirit spread his seed of popularity everywhere, and none within reach of his glow went untouched. (Yes, I’m aware how ridiculous that sounds. That’s the point. Now shut up and let me tell the story.) Where he couldn’t dazzle them with brilliance, he melted them with. . . stuff I can’t repeat here. Women found their kundalini strangely active when he was chatting with them. It became an in-joke. And lo, behold! A club was born.

/returns to normal voice. It began on LiveJournal, and after much brainstorming, the questionable but apt moniker “slut club” was chosen. In the community itself, there wasn’t much going on, but the point was that a whole group of people found it amusing and appropriate enough to play along. I made a funny profile page and membership cards, which I actually mailed out. Unfortunately, I don’t have a list of the original members, or if I do, it’s been misplaced for now. But it seemed an amusing thing to put into his pages. Please be aware this is all in humor, even if he does eat it up. And so:

Get your very own FREE Meridjet’s Menagerie membership card! Guaranteed to up your cool factor by 20% in your first year or your money back!

I’m still working on a new card, in my nanoseconds of spare time. If you’d like to submit a design, leave a comment at the bottom of this page. Leave a comment, likewise, if you’d like a card. (Yes, I still have the emails I was collecting before.) I’ll update here again when I have something ready to present.

— Sheta

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