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In 2005, Ghost did a series of ghost and spirit interviews. Meridjet responded to the ghost questions. . . then, when the spirit questions were posted, he filled out those as well. His responses were published on the site. You can see the ghost interview here, and the spirit interview here. The interviews are also copied below in case Ghost Study takes them down.

The Ghost Study Questions

GHOST STUDY.COM: Can you enter a living body and enjoy the benefits & pleasures of drugs, alcohol and or sex, etc.?

Meridjet: I can have sex without entering a human body. If I wanted to use a human body for these things, I could, but I choose not to. I do however get the tastes of things etc. vicariously through my human partner via our “psychic” link.

GHOST STUDY.COM: What exactly can you experience within a living body. . . and how is it different than possessing the body?

Meridjet: I don’t understand the question.

GHOST STUDY.COM: How can someone such as I, who is not psychic. . . see, hear or experience a ghost or unseen individual?

Meridjet: I would suggest a medium to channel to you, or if you want something more direct, you can hang around people who are prone to spirit activity around them. Oftentimes there are manifestations around these people, things such as moving objects or knocking, etc.

GHOST STUDY.COM: What exactly keeps you from moving on to the afterlife? And how lonely is it for you in your present state of being?

Meridjet: I am in the afterlife. This question is hilarious. I’ve done my after-life processing and have moved forward so that I can now serve as a sort of guide to my partner (her name is Sheta). I am not lonely. I have many friends both “astral” and “physical.” I use the internet daily.

GHOST STUDY.COM: Is there a way to protect ourselves if a cruel angry ghost is living in our home and tormenting us?

Meridjet: There are a variety of methods depending on your personal tastes. Most would consider a banishing rite to be a good choice. Some ghosts will respect salt barriers or exorcism. Some will not. Usually a haunting is more like a living memory recorded on the place rather than a being earthbound and pissed off. But there are exceptions.

They have lots of ghosty stuff there.

The Spirit Study Questions

Meridjet: Hello, I answered your ghost questions to help provide information; however, since I am not a ghost I am going to answer the spirit questions. I hope you find them helpful. My partner, Sheta, is typing this for me. I do not control the body but rather sort of “plug in” and she receives my thoughts similarly to her own, but without the foreshadowing that comes with one’s own thought processes.

GHOST STUDY.COM: 1. Do Angels walk among us? And do some interact with us as physical beings?

Meridjet: It depends of course on your definition of the word “angel.” I would have found a definition on the site helpful. However. Allow me to say that any being who has been created is able to incarnate if they so desire, and many who would be called angels have done so. So yes, there are beings who could be considered “angels” who are incarnate in a physical body. Personally I think of angels as beings of a particular level of spiritual evolution. Don’t think in terms of hierarchy so much as in maturity. People, and otherworldly beings, mature at different rates and therefore one’s peer groups change and evolve as well. As far as the ability to solidify and interact with people in a sort of “divine intervention” way, yes, this is also possible though it is very unusual for it to occur. It does not require a particular level of divinity or light, as angels are often considered, but it does require maturity. There are mature dark beings as well as mature light beings, and everyone has some measure of each.

GHOST STUDY.COM: 2. Can you tell us anything about “shadow beings” and the different types thereof? Are some evil?

Meridjet: There are many types of shadows. Some ghosts manifest as shadows. My most frequent exposure is to a variety of shadow being that my partner calls “Negs” (short for “negative entities”) who come and mimic the beloved spirit companion or guide and trick the human into believing them, at which point they stimulate painful emotions and feed off of them. This is done until the human learns to discern between the companion and the Neg, and when the human no longer manufactures the desired reactions, the Neg will not bother them anymore as the payoff is negligible. A good friend of ours had her first encounter with one last night and found it very unpleasant. These beings are not very evolved and feed off of crude emotions. They are harmless other than the emotional distress they cause in passing.

GHOST STUDY.COM: 3. How does it feel to die? And In the case of something tragic, such as a car accident, are we taken before the impact?

Meridjet: I died violently and suddenly and I can say that it was confusing and frightening. The pain combined with the emotional impact makes it very shocking. Suddenly finding yourself disembodied is disorienting and scary. There are times when pulling the individual just prior to trauma is performed but I don’t know a great deal about what sort of circumstances promote that sort of thing. Also there are times when the human is able to jettison from the body instinctively just prior to trauma. Death is not a bad thing once the lifetime has been properly processed and understood. There is help available regardless of the paradigm within which one is operating when one passes over. . . however a person is also able to refuse said help until they are ready, if they prefer.

GHOST STUDY.COM: 4. Do our pets go to the same place that people go when they die? How are they cared for?

Meridjet: I don’t want to get into where different things go when they die; it is largely a matter of belief. Pets, like anyone else, have a course of evolution to follow. The shade or identity of the beloved pet (as with humans as well) is available to “tap into” in the akasha as a sort of living memory if one is inclined to find it. This is how mediums speak with the dead. This “living memory” can be automated or can be animated by any spirit who takes the notion. It is not foolery. . . it is compassion in most cases that motivates that action. The information gleaned is still valid. Pets can also be reached in this way and appear to be living very happily as Spike or Fluffy when in fact the soul or spirit has moved on.

GHOST STUDY.COM: 5. How are angels and spirits different?

Meridjet: Angels, in my definition, are very mature spirits. The oldest of the angels (which are known by name in some cases) are capable of serving millions of people’s needs simultaneously. This is called “refracting” and it is similar to the faceted light reflecting from a jewel. In this case the jewel is the angel and the refracted light beams are the millions of appearances of that angel in various forms (from light to spirit to full physical) as it aids those in need. Spirits of course can only do this on a much smaller scale and tend to be one-on-one by default.


  1. I would like to see the ghost.I will more information to to see the ghost&speak ghost?

  2. Meridjet is so intelligent and expresses himself so well. I must admit I have a crush. He’s also informative in a way that, for me at least, is easy to understand. I want more!

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