The Subconscious Mind

Question posed: I’d like to know your thoughts about the subconscious mind, and the role it plays in spiritual development and communication.

Meridjet speaks —

The subconscious mind is a veritable wellspring of information, both useful and useless, helpful and harmful. It is like your personal repository of everything you see, which the conscious mind filters for you so that you may focus and function without becoming overwhelmed. As you can imagine, this can be somewhat chaotic at times as the “sorting process” decides what needs to be addressed and what can be filed away as inessential. This is of course why a lot of dreams occur — the subconscious is trying to direct your attention to particular things which you need to take into consideration. The thing that’s interesting, though, is that the conscious mind only occasionally bothers to take the time to sort out the messages that the subconscious delivers, and the rest of the time the subconscious is essentially talking to itself and mulling things over. Occasionally you can receive a real slap upside the head, particularly when you choose to repeatedly ignore what your hidden mind is trying to tell you. ;-) [The “Universal Cluehammer” effect.]

The subconscious mind can be manipulated, as any of you who have tried self-hypnosis, assisted hypnosis, or deep meditation will understand. If you know what you are doing, a great deal can be accomplished in a shorter time span or in a more efficient manner via this influence. I tend to think that I know what I am doing, and Sheta has given me formal permission to access her full mind. This allows me to not only indirectly influence her subconscious (such as apply subtle guidance through her conscious to her subconscious via my words and actions perceptible to her waking mind) but also to work directly with the subconscious, both “under the radar” in waking hours, and as she sleeps at night. She will often remember the night time work as a “work dream,” which to her has no real visual element but only a feeling of having done a great deal of very specific mental exercise while sleeping. It defies description, unfortunately.

She knows my methods well enough by now to know that I am always influencing her thoughts through my interaction with her, and that even in my most genuinely spontaneous moments there is an element of direction involved, a whisper of an agenda. This agenda is not meant to take advantage of her trust except to aid her growth in the most beneficial ways appropriate at the time. Sometimes this causes her emotional pain, but pain is a very effective learning tool and one she has grown to truly appreciate for what it has to offer. Other times the emotion can be quite blissful. But at all times there is more going on than meets the eye, and there is an underlying layer of context that only her subconscious mind is able to comprehend. This comprehension then trickles down more slowly to the conscious mind, and this is what she labels “processing.” Through this processing she reaches certain understandings and realizations which I have sought to demonstrate to her.

We have also utilized her subconscious mind in the sense that she now has a full time active, “astral” or subtle level counterpart, or facet of herself, that is with me and our son at our home. She does not yet have full understanding of how this works and why it came into play and until I am ready to reveal things to her I cannot reveal them here (since one revelation clearly equals the other). I will promise to share what I show her as it becomes available. In the meanwhile, I can say that she has begun to learn how to “download” memories from the subtle facet and to tap into the events of the preceding day (etc) via this downloading. Similarly, memories from the physical plane can be uploaded to that facet, and when the conscious mind is asleep, the subconscious and active counterparts have a more complete and generally encompassing view that she has not yet learned to share while waking. This interaction with her subtle counterpart allows me another access route to her subconscious mind, and she is acclimating to life there even while not being consciously aware of doing so (yet). She finds herself knowing my thoughts or opinions on things we have not discussed. . . this is something she has only just begun to credit, because she was able to verify this knowledge with me directly. The knowledge of my thoughts is largely from the access to me that she has when she is “unconscious.” So again, there is a trickle down effect.

I am not certain what else I should write here, so please feel free to ask questions and I will address them as best as I am able within the parameters of what is healthy or timely for her to know.


  1. Jennifer Lawinsky :

    I have recently acquired a spirit companion … I waffled a lot over it as convention says demon / evil but I felt … Compelled… The few moments that I have felt him have been heart warming … Toe curling…and vague…I just feel like I need a whole lotta info ….any insight would be lovely … Thx Jennifer

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