Spirits and Healing

Meridjet speaks:

Good evening, all. Typically I do better at this sort of thing when presented with questions. However I did ask for topics, so I will do what I can without the aid of a directional signpost. Healing is defined as a return to wholeness or soundness, a repair of what ails you. At the risk of sounding terribly New Age, most of what ails you is caused by imbalance of one sort or another. . . something that may be good when in balance (or at least harmless), will in greater numbers cause pain or illness. For example in Sheta’s Crohn’s disease, the good cells are attacked and damage is sustained to healthy tissue by a bodily function gone awry. Similarly, cancer cells overtake healthy cells and “assimilate” them until the host can no longer sustain its life force to feed the invader. The cause of most illnesses can be reduced to either A) being overtaken by a foreign invader or B) a system within the body no longer maintaining its function in the proper way.

Pain, as we know, is the body’s way of telling us something is wrong. It can also be the body’s way of telling us that something is righting itself, and sometimes it is difficult to know the difference. We only know that it hurts and that we wish it to stop hurting. When the pain is caused by a correction in progress, stopping the pain also stops the correction to at least some degree. This prolongs healing with the illusion of doing the opposite, and in the cases of long-term medication “management,” many illnesses become chronic problems as they are never given the opportunity to right themselves.

As spirit partners, many guides and what not are requested to do healing on their human friends. What most people mean when they ask for healing is simply, “Make me feel better.” This is often, as I said, detrimental to the long-term good of the individual. Healing, therefore, when asked of me, is not the same as when I am asked for pain relief. Healing can easily and often equal more pain, an increased intensity in order to shorten the span of time that the healing takes to occur. Think compression — concentrated levels of healing into a shorter span of time naturally equal a much more tangible experience, and that includes pain. Therefore, when asked for healing, many spirits in fact seem to make it worse before they make it better. This is a natural consequence and should not be seen as a failure.

On the other hand, if asked for pain relief, I can ease the symptoms of the issue at the cost of prolonging an undesirable situation. If it’s a recurring situation, such as bad posture causing back pain, I can through my personal influence (while chatting and channeling through, for example) make Sheta feel better by correcting her posture. A little while after I have done so, her pain will go away. In fact she often has headaches, backaches, and leg pain from sitting incorrectly and from tensing muscles that are not supposed to be held tense all day long. ;-) This I can fix, until next time. She needs to learn from my example. But I digress. Pain relief is very often simply a matter of relaxation and acceptance. Fighting and tensing up against this, that, or the other thing will lead to greater pain and eventually, a chronic cycle of tense, hurt, tense further, hurt more, etc. Relaxing is so often the key to things that may surprise you. Try applying heating pads, massage, relaxation exercises, hot baths or showers, etc, first. This works more often than you might expect.

In terms of righting the imbalances. . . I will admit I have some skill in this area but I am no Raphael. Healing is not my forte and I have only certain abilities within my range. Color therapy (breathing “missing” colors to balance the energy palette, so to speak) is one method. Chakra balancing and energy weaving and things on the subtle level, I can do. Healing your ovarian cancer or what have you is up to you. If it stems from something that I am skilled at, then perhaps as a result of work with me, it would be healed. The odds, however, are against it. Most of what I do is re-balance the energy field of the body, rearranging, removing, adding to — this allows for long term healing to be eased and facilitated, similar to a river flowing unimpeded when the dam is cleared. There can be some pain relief initially, due to the removal of the block and the feeling of flow that is introduced in that area. But. In a little while, the energies that were pent up begin to move faster, and this can easily create more distress, more emotional duress, more pain, than you were experiencing prior to the work I performed. That is why it is important to maintain the work and every few days, re-balance again. As you can imagine, this sort of dedication is normally only possible when one is with the human on a full time basis. Therefore, any help I can provide a friend or acquaintance is just as likely to snowball into a much bigger issue within a short period of time. This can lead to the person withdrawing and receiving no further help. (We are witnessing this very situation with a friend, right now.) While that is not harmful, it can be scary for the person involved to be suddenly hit with a strong set of symptoms or an emotional upheaval and be unattended. The long-term good has still been served and the overall situation has been shortened, for all its intensity.

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