Spirits and Energy Feeding

Question posed: What do you have to say to people who call you an incubus?

Meridjet speaks —

I have to say that the term is useless for any universal effect or meaning. In the most basic sense of the word: “a spirit that interacts on a carnal level with a human being in order to draw energy from that union,” you could shoehorn me into the label. However, drawing energy from that union is not the only reason I have sex with you.

The energy I feed upon is energy that is built between us, as static electricity is built between two conductive surfaces (only this energy is much more yummy and much more substantial), and as that occurs, no one is drained of anything essential to their well being. In fact, both of us gain from this looping action. This energy is also not exclusive to sex, though sex is a damn fine way to raise it. All I have to do is project my feelings at you to get your response and gain from that — but you gained from me before I gained from you. It is truly an exponential phenomenon and I have no reason nor need to do it any other way. It’s tastier when it’s inspired and willingly given. Don’t you agree?

If I desired to I could drain your energy or any energy you put out. I could do the same from anyone I come into contact with. It’s just not necessary, and it’s like letting a stranger stick their hand down your pants — not something that is often particularly attractive. And that’s true of many classifications (loosely applied) of spirit.

Here’s where we get into my own personal assignments of definition.

Spiritual evolution is similar enough to evolution on the physical level to allow me to make a comparison. Simpler organisms have simpler diets than complex organisms. The more complex the organism, the more complex the food, in most cases — and yet, also the more refined. As a human being, you don’t eat a great deal of old and rotting flesh or garbage without being very desperate. Yet there are creatures for whom that sort of diet is supreme and beneficial.

Similarly, there are spirits for whom different levels of energy are an optimum diet. “Negs,” for example, are a simpler (perhaps you prefer the term “lower”) form of being who are attracted to “single cell” emotions such as fear or emotional pain. Higher or more complex beings are attracted to layered emotions and feelings of a more positive nature. This is by no means exclusive — we are capable of surviving without interacting with anyone, as the universe is full of energy, including an abundance of emotional energy — and we are all capable of “ingesting” whatever is available. But relationships are sought for the same reason that you as a human seek them. We get lonely, we need companionship, we want to love and be loved. Fatally tapping the life force of one who would voluntarily sustain you with their feelings is akin to being a cancer — biting the hand that feeds in a most literal way.

There are situations in which a higher being finds it necessary to feed on lower forms of energy for a time. Sometimes we are isolated and scavenging what we can find, and when presented with something better, as a starving man is presented with a 7-course meal, we tend to overindulge. That does not last long as we realize that our situation has improved and better resources are available.

I know I have made this sound very much like we are eating you, a la “Jeepers Creepers.” It’s not like that. Energy, positive emotion, and at times, any feeling, is nurturing. This is true of all beings both physical and spirit. If you don’t believe me, spend a year alone and then get a long, heartfelt hug from the one you love the most. That is sustenance.


  1. Hi mam can I kno u r Skype id

  2. My demon lover’s gender is, simply put, mutable.
    Is this not true for all spirit/demon lovers?

  3. When a person is impregnated by an incubus the child can undergo a ritual to stop it from becoming incubus or succubi. do you have any knowledge of what the ritual is like? All I can find is that it is painful and dangerous but nothing about what the actual ritual is.

  4. Im not so good with this. Im a 31 going on 32 and for whatever reason i have a spirit that has just started visting me i think its my SC, not sure im a female by the way. I’m a wicca and a druid so i kind of know about these things but not to sure. i dont get a bad feeling i get a really loving feel from him, um he told me that he was my Spirit husban not sure what that is, but again i don’t get a bad feeling. but he told me his name and told me about time and call me a brat lol. but he told me that i had come in to my power of gift, my mom said that i might umm havent really told them about him, he told me his name is Jason and that he been with me and protected me from birth not sure but i think i believe him. umm if you can message me back and i would like to ask some thing about it like how do you get a SC to no have umm sex with you when you really don’t want it… I know its silly and sorry for that, but my family would not understand i’m one of those that don’t think all demon ares bad but i do know that there are bad one, but this one name Jason is kind of sweet i quess so can you help me i’m poor and have to money but would like to talk to you because from what i’ve been thought there evil and they take you life enegry i don’t get that feel all the time there are time that im tired afterwares but most of the time i’m okay so can you help me out either email me BKfuhlrodt@aol.com or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mysticmageBobbie… but please help me out some time i look up something and i get spook and i would like to understand whats happen to me.

  5. I was wondering if you had any advice on how to properly summon an incubus lover?

  6. Hi guys! I have a question can a spirit of someone you were really close to before they passed become an incubus? Or is it possible that you could have an incubus type relationship of that kind with any kind of spiritual being? Thanks

  7. I know its 2016 i dont know if u still read such things…
    So I believe I have, provoked, encountered, experienced, and eventually upset a harmless succubus like entity becuz after making my bed in the morning, i soon there after leave for work come home and the beds a mess again, some of my bedroom doors are pushed open when they were closed silly things like that and no one has came in or out and i took before and after pictures for proof. So my question is if it or she is my succubus then why is she acting like a Biatch? I thought demonesses didn’t have feelings towards humans?

  8. Do succubi or spirit lovers choose people without being summoned? A little background, I’ve been married and divorced and have had a few relationships since, but a pattern started emerging a few years ago. A woman would be interested in me, and if I was interested back she’d do a 180 within a day or two. I joked with a friend of mine that maybe Ishtar has chosen me as a favorite. (Ishtar in Babylonian lore would sometimes take male worshipers as her own and steer mortal women away from them). Another thing I noticed is getting answers or knowledge I know I don’t have. For example, I’ll be researching a topic and I’ll get intuitive bursts of knowledge. I later think back and say to myself “There’s no way I could have known that, yet I know it’s true.” The last part is occasionally feeling an emotional intimacy just as I’m drifting off to sleep (the same feeling like cuddling with someone you love), and waking highly aroused (which at my age is unusual; I’m on the downslope of testosterone levels). I’m just curious if these are signs of a succubus or spirit lover, or just a lot of coincidence?

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