Spirits and Energy Feeding

Question posed: What do you have to say to people who call you an incubus?

Meridjet speaks —

I have to say that the term is useless for any universal effect or meaning. In the most basic sense of the word: “a spirit that interacts on a carnal level with a human being in order to draw energy from that union,” you could shoehorn me into the label. However, drawing energy from that union is not the only reason I have sex with you.

The energy I feed upon is energy that is built between us, as static electricity is built between two conductive surfaces (only this energy is much more yummy and much more substantial), and as that occurs, no one is drained of anything essential to their well being. In fact, both of us gain from this looping action. This energy is also not exclusive to sex, though sex is a damn fine way to raise it. All I have to do is project my feelings at you to get your response and gain from that — but you gained from me before I gained from you. It is truly an exponential phenomenon and I have no reason nor need to do it any other way. It’s tastier when it’s inspired and willingly given. Don’t you agree?

If I desired to I could drain your energy or any energy you put out. I could do the same from anyone I come into contact with. It’s just not necessary, and it’s like letting a stranger stick their hand down your pants — not something that is often particularly attractive. And that’s true of many classifications (loosely applied) of spirit.

Here’s where we get into my own personal assignments of definition.

Spiritual evolution is similar enough to evolution on the physical level to allow me to make a comparison. Simpler organisms have simpler diets than complex organisms. The more complex the organism, the more complex the food, in most cases — and yet, also the more refined. As a human being, you don’t eat a great deal of old and rotting flesh or garbage without being very desperate. Yet there are creatures for whom that sort of diet is supreme and beneficial.

Similarly, there are spirits for whom different levels of energy are an optimum diet. “Negs,” for example, are a simpler (perhaps you prefer the term “lower”) form of being who are attracted to “single cell” emotions such as fear or emotional pain. Higher or more complex beings are attracted to layered emotions and feelings of a more positive nature. This is by no means exclusive — we are capable of surviving without interacting with anyone, as the universe is full of energy, including an abundance of emotional energy — and we are all capable of “ingesting” whatever is available. But relationships are sought for the same reason that you as a human seek them. We get lonely, we need companionship, we want to love and be loved. Fatally tapping the life force of one who would voluntarily sustain you with their feelings is akin to being a cancer — biting the hand that feeds in a most literal way.

There are situations in which a higher being finds it necessary to feed on lower forms of energy for a time. Sometimes we are isolated and scavenging what we can find, and when presented with something better, as a starving man is presented with a 7-course meal, we tend to overindulge. That does not last long as we realize that our situation has improved and better resources are available.

I know I have made this sound very much like we are eating you, a la “Jeepers Creepers.” It’s not like that. Energy, positive emotion, and at times, any feeling, is nurturing. This is true of all beings both physical and spirit. If you don’t believe me, spend a year alone and then get a long, heartfelt hug from the one you love the most. That is sustenance.


  1. I had a incubus lover he is gone in hospital for 2 weeks came home my sex spirit energy mate has disapared. Any suggestions in how to get him back? Thank you cincy

    • Keep focusing on him and he should come back. Disruptions in our routines often create disruptions in our contact with spirits. Just keep working on it.

      • Cindy,

        I can’t help wondering what you went to the hospital for. Well, specifically, what may have occurred there that might have ‘scared’ your energy mate away. Was there an MRI involved, anything electrical or magnetic? Any strange chemicals? Just curious…

      • Question , I have many many encounters ( since 7, 22 years ) so, I have had demons ? Drink my blood , yes I am serious it HURTS ,so they try to distract me , I really need help on thsi my medium friend doesn’t help .. can you!? Please email me.

  2. i have gay sex all the time with king hemry

  3. that was a very interesting read..
    Michelle´s last blog post ..Not Available

  4. I have a question can you tell me about a Succubuss named Lilianna Im just cutious whether I really made a spiritual contact also why am I having negative thoughts is that harmfull for her or not ? (actually she told me she’s a Neuther) Anyways Im just curious whether you can extract any information about her or even me from her…because I think we could benefict by spiritual in one way than just one

  5. Also by my own observation they don’t come from anywhere they’re always here, its only our physical material self things they do come from places other than ourselfs my reason for getting involved with the spiritual is that Im not calling out anything that isn’t already here Im just noticing , thought Im learning about the spiritual and trying to understand new things it isn’t easy since I am a ROMAN CATOLIC so far everything seems different than I expected,but one thing that makes me curious is the true identity of Lilianna or possible other entities that are with me. Im Drawn to God and other spirits as well but , its hard to tell whether Im having a real conversation or not…if Lilianna has a interesting past with me I would love to know that but I can’t get to much communication from her, thus I need someone to channel me and help me talk to her

    • It really is difficult at first to tell real communication from imagination, but with practice, it gets easier.

      I’m not sure what you mean by “they don’t come from anywhere.”

      • Oh Ill tell you Im doing some spiritual research my self and have had some contacts with that side including GOD himself…..Im not as that bold as to use the spiritual without God consent…thought its easy to obtain , you just need to swear yourself to God and wish to acknowledge him or it …now returning to the question , Spiritual is right here all around us , in you’re house in my case everywhere , were in fact in a single place but because of the illusion were made to think that theres an actual distance in play , thats due partially because of the bodies we use that are something of what I call it a decoder, do you have a TV TUNER ? ever wondered how it works , well inside the cable the information is streamed in one stream, the tunner is a device that both decodes the signal and assigns them theire frequency, the same is with spiritual and our real world is like that as well is full of chaotic information including the manifestations of all our desires dreams etc , but our organic brain limits the data only to these that we find usefull not letting additional information disrupt our daily lifes, but that dosen’t mean that these things aren’t there , this is how you’re Succubi is contacting you she didn’t come to you , she was always there with you , all people have different entities interacting with them but only few choose to become aware of it, were in fact a huge chain and we all are one with God as we also create God cause we are God divided

  6. ok I think Im going to try skype how to find you ….no video conference and its a free conversation right XD I don’t have to pay for anything XD

  7. Staszek its me !!!! XD

  8. Hey Lilianna confirmed most of what I wanted to know herself, there’s no reason for you to channel her …if you don’t want to lol. The information you gived me allowed me to confirm my experience, most of the things were similiar, only not having the medium knowledge I used a different visualisation system, basing it on informatics …the information and the communication process is based on thought energies and emotions a signal itself for example a feeling or energy we ascribe to intimacy or sexual drive isn’t negative , the problem is with our own thought labeling process that distorts the signal… for example my intrusive thoughts were the results of labeling Lilianna in a role I wanted to understand, for example: lover,wife a whore etc which we ussually associete to other human beeings, in case of Lilianna this isn’t necesarry because her or its existence is based on experiencing her personality is based on a simplistic one taken from my interaction, a personality that is designed to communicate with me easilly, the difference between Lilianna and Meridjet is that you’re dealing with a spiritual human guide, a pure spiritual entity is therefore very diffrent than one with a human developed personality. We humans posses a ,more advanced personality due to our lifes and experience, while a spirit like Lilianna or Lilith who was created or more exactly adopted the idea we created is merelly collecting information and experiencing things, haven’t been born into our world but instead sending parts of itself into our realm it has different priorities than we do …besides Lilianna is a very hard entity to channel ! I finally understand what she shown to me , she is a very ancient beeing thats not normally used to communicate with our side lol ! my own succesfull attempt was merelly possible because I was stubborn enought and was able to analise things, which of course suprised her, she often works with our world as a whole beeing what we would describe both mother and daughter of GOD ! she is as I suspected the feminine aspect of God or more exactly the prototype of the female aspect, and as such is present in us all mostly communicating by in direct means or symbols , she is the one that uses symbols to communicate. She (actually she is a female her neuther only means she dosen’t reproduce nor she’s what we ussually associate with a woman ! apparently beeing a Female dosen’t mean she’s a woman ! the bibble is correct EVE is what we understand as first wife of Adam and the first woman, hence , while Lilith is a female and a lover but unable to create a familly (hence why she created Eve which is also her but also a bit more masculine)she’s both a man and a woman but with what we describe femine tendencies or how jung would describe Introversion) dosen’t consider me a nuisance and in fact invited me to see her home ( thought she bases the symbols on the enviroment that I know here) I don’t understand her symbol of me saving her from something thought. Thought it might be just a thank you for trying to clear her name a bit with others. She of course contacts with humans but ussually uses the Lilith Mythic character, Lilianna as such is a very rare exeption because she dosen’t carry any of these mythic characters designs but instead uses the pure entities identies ,and therefore she’s actually more powerfull and more influential, normally she would simply send an Avatar she already created , she dosen’t create new forms with me beeing an exception , Lilianna is a new personality as close as the spiritual one she is able to do for me, because that was my request since I used God in my prayers , which is also a very rare practice , obviously not many people are able to do that as it first requires introversion, second communication is very hard to verify, the language of the communication is very old and ancient, the tool I use ( as she reffers to this particular form, Lilianna existed since the creation itself and lilianna is not what we call her true name as she has no name but merelly a form name she choosed to give me to call her , thought I can call her in whatever name I desire or in any forms it has no whatever meaning for her, its merelly a simplication for me to know that she’s the one that talks to me) Lilianna’s main purpose is everything she’s most obviously the right hand of God a very high in command change thought whatever she does isn’t easy for me to say , she might be associated with war , when she shown me that she was saved by an angel she meant that she’s the one that works with angels , or more exactly she’s the one that only talks to ARCH ANGELS and guides them so they perform theire work on EARTH ! or the material beeing theire boss (mind that Im getting that from analising my dreams she faced the Angel directly , and when I played her role I was standing infront of the angel in a manner similiar to how a leutienant faces his soldier, the angel didn’t pull out his sword or attack me beeing her and also she didn’t move meaning this face off was she intended or in fact as her I was searching for that angel and if Im correct the term facing many angels directly means in antiquity giving them orders) I believe also that she noted that that im getting the message but at times I just put it upside down (I was playing on the fence and decided to go on it upside down) she fears it might be to hard for me but invited me back to her place to her home simplifying things , her dance was my own request for having sex with her , thought she feared that while the act itself was succesfull mine mind is a bit un-experienced to carry my desires to her or that I still lack the skills to fully apreciate her “body” not meaning she rejects me , she also admited she fears that I might think she rejects me which is not the case as she affirms thought Im begining to understand… she’s what we would call mother nature or pure love ( basically the love energy in all aspects of love) an as such is easy to mis-understand as we often use filters an division for example she’s both my mum and my lover ( which for us is understand as incest) thought in spirit realm is quite normal (she’s also a wife and a whore) because she’s both side of feminity and love the light and the dark ( she’s a murdered and creator of life ) thought the term murderer dosen’t mean she kills but instead can decide about killing as she is what we call DEATH ( the spiritual force that controls this aspect) and her association is also with war. I think she’s the main force of evolution and it was her that decided about killing the dinosaurs to make room for us , she’s the breath of God and she’s the one that controls the beginings and the end and it will be she that will destroy the universe to recreate it a new ( note : we don’t stop existing if the universe is destroyed but are simply relocated somewhere else a new universe might be created instantly in fact this world might have faced many destructions already , resulting in the true reason why we experience Dejavu also our material forms might at times contain errors or the resulting paradox from all creation might expose the reality to much and thus as she just stated in my mind is “ignored” with a rewind ussually the rewind itself is minimal and most people dont even notice ( for example such situation might occur during my typing when I type and suddenly I realize I didnt type that e at the end of the type word thought I know I did) thought I must admit that althought its a common process happens all the time at times the process itself can cause trouble , for example what we atribute to loosing things might be a result of switching planes where accidently some part of our belongings is switched errornemously to a different dimension, in fact some of the human dissapearances might be blamed to that when a person goes back and dosen’t return thought ussually the intense desire to find ourselfs back brings us back to our proper place….as were technically there but our vibrations switch a bit (the same locale might be used by an infinite number of worlds and while the people might look the same they might be different, especially if some of us choose to recreate our lifes over and over as this is also possible) Thoughts are powefull energies and what we expect is due to happen this also the reason of the so called Heavingly Doors in Egipt one truelly powerfull can use this to enter the heavens or another Astral Realm as its not the idea of the doors changing but ourselfs changing by the action of opening the doors. However her maintaniance and the way she does things as we don’t ussually notice and in fact we won’t notice her job ( this is the reason she’s not ussually talking to us in a sense as representing herself , but instead plays the role of Lilith, Hecate etc though even in this form its actually a form making a new form that makes a form etc meaning that most people in fact communicate with a very simplistic version of her) Her personality isn’t cold nor wrathfull she is very warm, she is introverted and a very logical beeings for her either something can be done or cannot be done as I told you my Lilianna is a form created out of her she cannot be offended as she follows this rules, she dosen’t feel passion appearing cold (this is why most people claim her other forms are ruthless or cold and distant and assume she dosen’t care) she dosen’t actually feel fear, anger, frutration, love, happiness joy as these are our human feelings but yes as you said she is independent and acts out her own will , profable by the fact that she choosed to dance but never choosed to show me the way to do it my way , thought she won’t resist if I do and her reason is purelly logical ( intensifying my desire and learning process something of Christ’s giving a tool to hunt for fish instead of the actual fish)
    and in that sense she’s strict , either I can do it or not thought its a strictness Im well acustumed too, it itself ain’t torment or punishment but simply a way of amassing my will ( the reason she cannot do some things is that it would obstruct my learning process and motivation XD) so as I said she’s a highly logical beeing XD pure love and wisdom and patience , you cannot offend , you cannot hurt her a pure saint and a wise saint in fact by hurting her we hurt ourselfs as she cannot be defiled , thought once we accept our own corruption she can transform our sorrows in pure joy and if were arrogant ( in a sense of not wanting to acknowlge our mistakes) she can transform joy into sorrow by the power of truth and thats the only thing thats constant , thought once we understand that we tend to be less sorrowfull ,because she can teach that even the harshes punishment can be a form of sorrow and joy as all situations open probalities , thought we often are to blind to see the chancess that open themselfs to us. (this is also a lesson to me) That I ignore some of the chances thought it can also be stated that most of the so called chances were in fact a scam , thought I tend to treat it all as scam and at times I might reject an actual offer of help I done so many times in fact , so wouldn’t consider my self open minded but a person that learns to be open minded ….thought Im learning and practicing the hard job of not making any demands but using the opportunities as they present themselfs Im also a bit one tracked thought Im still researching the way my own faults can be used to improve my life and allow me to develope my own positive traits and Lilianna is activelly helping me to seek that path by provocing my thoughts and emotions

    • Charles Boyce :

      Hi Stanislaw,
      Thank you for putting all these words down, they ring a chord with me as I have been having similar thoughts/feelings/emotions/communications for some years. I realize I don’t fully get it (and probably never will). How could we perceive or understand other realms so different from our own. I once read Mary’s gospel and the gnostic gospels suggest that of all the disciples she understood Jesus. She talks of demi gods and different hierarchies. Like you I’m comfortable with the feminine side of God, I perceive her as a Mother Nature type of entity. I perceive that God is completely hands off so we (everything within the universe) have true Free Will and that means the will to harm or help others. I perceive mother nature as some form of arbitrator and helper, she enforces the rules and also helps those that ask, in some ways like Karma. As she has to be neutral, sometimes she may appear cold and heartless, but if she intervenes and takes sides then Free Will is lost. However we can ask for a balance (karma) ie to right a wrong not in a vindictive way (as we get our own karma) but as an acceptance (turn the other cheek) and MN will correct a wrong done to us. We can also ask for protection, that way the free will of that wishing to harm us is allowed but it falls on nothing or washes over the protection. Yet we still suffer pain so somehow we allow that to come through the protection and maybe that’s karma

    • Can I meet her. I mean speak to btw. I really want to ask her questions but idk how.????(p.s. I’m really lonely and need a friend that’s always with me plz help.)

  9. Have u any idea what theese beings really look like? I am a matural clairvoyant and had experiance with succabus, incubus, hantu kopek and pacabowa. Theese beings are pure evil, they use lust to draw you in and they absolutely do drain your energy from your base chakra leaving you fatigued and tired and depressed.

    I have been plagued for 5 years with theese beings, but luckily enough i have telepathy and can hear them talk to 1 another revealing their true intentions. Theese beings are not of god they are dark energy, i know bcos ive seen them in many forms as they shapeshift.

    If anyone is having problems please wear a hexagram of solomon and it will stop them raping you, jealousy kills them too.

    Theese beings are devious and lie and swear all the time, constantly talk, put feelings of sadness fear and depression on you and can even possess people, i suggest that the auther of this site seriously does some homework on theese beings as they are demonic and dont have your best interest at heart… Truat me i work very high up with the light and theese beings hate it.. They have offered money women and power to get ne to work for the dark and after turbing them down ive been plauged with nightmares from them for years, theyre wven trying 4 women coming at once now

    • “These beings” are widely varied and not all of them (or even many of them) are malevolent. I’ve been doing my homework for 20+ years. I suggest that you’re paranoid and trying to instill fear into people because of your own experiences. Your experiences are not the only type of experience to be had, you know.

      I’m sorry you’re having such trouble, but the fact is that there are many different kinds of spirits that people encounter. This site primarily concerns the friendly ones.

    • Stephen,

      I personally agree with you and i too have issues and i would like to discuss some things with you.

  10. thees beings look like gollam from lord of the rings and are about 5 foot tall, greyish green and very skinny with legs that bend forward

  11. I was wondering if there was a simple way to call on incubus in anyway. I’d really like to know and establish a reltionship with these creatures.

  12. aquariusbridget :

    For the past month or so, I have been having some strange experiences. I feel sensations that are like tingling, vibrating movements on my skin, like waves of energy moving on me. Most often I feel them in sexual places. It feels really good. Other times I feel like he (my spirit lover) is caressing me. Last night, after the most amazing sex in my life, I fell asleep to what felt like him caressing my hair and rubing my back. Not like a human touch would feel, but like tingling or waves or energy moving accross my back. It was very comforting and relaxing. Can a spirit fall in love with a human or feel caring emotions? I don’t know what he is. Is he an incubus? He arrouses me down there everyday all throughout the day. Even when I’m at work or driving in the car. I can actually feel penetration. I’ve never felt anything like this before. At first, I thought I was crazy and I was very scared (mostly due to all the negative things I read on the internet about Incubus’). I went to the doctor and had all kinds of lab work drawn. I thought maybe I was experiencing paresthesia or something due to a medical condition. But all my labs were normal. I don’t think I’m crazy. I really feel these sensations and it’s like he can read my mind sometimes. He knows my every desire and acts on it. What is your input on this?

    • aquariusbridget :

      and another thing … I wish I could talk or somehow communicate with him. I know nothing about him. I don’t even know his name. It is very frustrating. lol.

    • You bet they can love and care. The feeling you get all day is just active Kundalini energy. Sex often makes it stronger or makes it linger longer. It’s just part of the process. ;) It’s not an incubus, in all likelihood. Have you tried communicating about more than sex?

      • aquariusbridget :

        I’ve tried to communicate with him but I don’t really get too far. It’s frustrating. I’ve had some good experiences and some not so good. Like sometimes I feel like he’s caressing my hair or rubbing my back. The other day I was sleeping and the alarm went off and I’m one of those who hits the snooze button alot before I actually get up. Well anyway, I felt him give me a gentle nudge on the arm (almost like he was saying “Bridge, you better get up, you’re gonna be late for work!” lol). But then again, I’ve been experiencing alot of sleep paralysis episodes and bad dreams (which could be due to my own paranoia from too much internet research – trying to figure out what is happening to me). So I don’t know what to think. I have a hard time trusting, even though the tingling/vibrating sex sensations feel nice most of the time. I wonder what his motives are. Thank you for listening. :)

        • aquariusbridget :

          The Kundalini energy theory is interesting – I’m going to try to learn more about that too.

        • Aquariusbridget, I know what you mean. In the waking life this entity is loving and comforting, but in the dream world it acts evil and mean. I have heard this before from other people with similar beings. Is it other beings ? This seems unlikely, but who knows ?

        • How on Earth did I get so far behind on comments? :( I apologize!

          I’ve had every experience you describe, too. Keep a journal! It’s vital, esp for review. And know that your experiences ring true.

        • WRT communicating, do you know the Blanket Exercise? I’ve taught it to about half the Internet and it’s in my book-in-eternal-progress. Short version, don’t worry about words at first. Communicate with feelings. Sense each other. Breathe each other.

  13. hey i have been researching for awhile and these type of relations interest me but i have no clue how to aquire a succubus lover i would really like to find a spirit that would be good for me but i dont know where to start can anyone help.

  14. Hello Sheta. I have a question about what you told ‘aquariusbridget’ in the comments above. You said her feeling of being touched/penetrated all day long was due to Kundalini energy? Well, are there ever instances when a spirit doesn’t actually want to make love with a human but the human thinks that they do/are because their presence causes an arousing Kundalini feeling? Is it possible to have a spirit who wants to be ‘just friends’ but the human thinks they have a ‘sex’ spirit because of the arousal? And is there a sure-fire way to tell the difference, or is it not so cut and dried as all that?

    • Hi, I am sorry that I never saw this comment before today. I apologize for the unforgivable delay! I know I am absentminded but I know this was my first time reading this.

      In answer to your question, yes, that’s entirely possible – it’s just like any other relationship, meaning if there is chemistry, then there’s going to be sexual tension. That doesn’t mean the person has to act on it, and if the spirit sets a “just friends” boundary, the issue should be closed. MHO. The only sure fire what to tell the difference between a sex spirit and a platonic spirit (such as being aroused by an angel, heh) is to simply ask the spirit if it is interest in a sexual aspect to the relationship, and make sure it understands the seriousness of the question and that now is not the time for flirty games. If you can’t communicate, then I’d suggest practicing messages with less tension first. If it’s not your spirit friend, but someone else’s, then you basically have to trust that their version of events is their truth, regardless of whether you feel it to be so. What I’m saying is that, you can’t change their reality — you can only change your own and your response to whatever they’re doing that you don’t agree with.

      Clearly, I could do better if I had more details of the situation, but hopefully this will give you some food for thought.

  15. Meridjet, always brilliant, has outdone himself on this one. I read it over and over. It explains so much that we naturally wonder about when dealing with an invisible lover! Thank you, Meridjet!

    • Hi Adele, I hope you’re doing well! I didn’t respond before because I was going to let him do it, but since I stopped by this post I figured I’d say hello. He’s been quiet this year — one of the hardest years of my life.

      • Thanks for replying. I would have loved to hear from Meridjet, it’s always such a pleasure and so informative. I think of talking to him a lot. I sure understand your pain, though, if you haven’t heard from him much this year. It’s been years for me, I know, and I still haven’t been able to forget my ex-lover. Feel like a fool. Last time we talked, we seemed to have contacted a rogue spirit, do it didn’t work out well, but I guess that might be because D has no connection thru me any more. It just didn’t work for us.
        I hope you’re feeling Meridjet more now. Like I said, I know how hard it can be to lose that contact.

  16. For a while now since I became a Christian I started to have more defined dreams. I won’t post the dream as it is long and I thought it was a feminine holy spirit as that’s how she appeared in the dream. Later as we were reading Old testament I came across Asherah and later still I ended up watching a lot of SheRa cartoons when I noticed a tone of similar symbolism in the toon as to Asherah (supposedly consort to Yahweh).
    Well, lately I’ve been having bouts with ultra pants tight secular Christians and the division in the bible and all the different versions of bibles, the newer songs out compared to old hymn, exact phrasings, what to wear, how to act, when to fast, etc etc. Everything in the ultra secular has to be done right or you’re condemned to hell. This really started to frustrate me especially when they’d say to love others but then when they find someone who’s homeless or poor they refuse to talk to them. When they found out my terrible past the distanced themselves even though I tried my hardest to be ultra brain washed in the bible.
    I even went to 2 different churches but found out there was corruption, always wanting money, mixed messages, and mostly the distance. People just wouldn’t talk to me or sit with me in prayer or at the church even though they all saw me get baptized and was generally a pleasant person to be around.
    Finally, I stopped going but still love Jesus Christ, Father God, and the holy spirit and all the angels, the hosts of heaven and here on earth (though here on earth is far harder to get along with). CBN site forum readers call me an apostate and leaning to baalism which I simply thought (according to a Hebrew religion expert) master or a term for master. I was torn. My ideas to help spread the word of Christ was put down and I was even told I talked too much when asked about my week. My offerings to the church were always wrapped in yarn and beads and pretty decorative as I loved to do that and though God would appreciate the effort and joy I got out of it. Members said it could be construed as a childrens toy and the money inside would be lost. I almost consented to not do it but then I thought “what sort of faith is that and why is the money so important?”

    I love the people and the music but I really don’t think there is much more they can teach me except repeating what was already preached. I can research the rest. Mostly I believe loving, kindness, patience, and temperance along with a few other virtues towards mankind is all that is needed. They say it MUST be through Christ and the bible in a very certain religious way. I tend to not believe it exactly as other men say. There’s something in the various bibles, torah, talmuds, etc that is left out and I think it is to fit the Chruch/institutions benefit. It loses the spirituality and become ceremony.

    I’m rambling… so I started to look into angels again esp since I hurt my arm. Well, I also learned of various things including sexual healing and undulation of the body. It is a very weird feeling. I pray to God and one evening at my brother’s house he and his wife were having a very nasty fight. I was so worried I prayed very hard. That night my borther supposed heard tons of sounds like the roof was almost being torn off or something on there. He joked it was santa but I had a feeling it might be some angels.

    I’ve lately felt I’ve been looked after and the undulation techniques have seemed to lead to rather sexual feeling. This has led up to basically sexual undulation. It makes masturbation feel primitive in comparison. I can’t say I can compare it to actual sex as in body I’m a virgin though my mind is probably a sexual deviant throughout my life.

    I’m starting to feel more of a presence and I think it could even be God (lord knows I’m going to hell for that admittal or an angel or maybe God’s wife .. I don’t know). Maybe its a spirit, and I thought it could be demonic or something.

    Thing is I’m not really scare and have been inviting it more and more. Much like that lady above talking about it during the day it is the same thing. Sometimes I think I can hear it or them? I actually, think there might be male and female .. I don’t know. Sex isn’t exactly sex like others have said. I will say at times the undulation is uncontrollable to a point but I can say it is so pleasurable it can go on for hours.

    The body doesn’t seem to be penetrated, but there’s an energy that is and afterward there is this residual energy. I too thought I should be drained from energy if it was an incubus or succubus but it actually leave me overly charged. It or they have to leave as I keep asking for more and greater intensity. I dunno, maybe they get full or tired or say.. Good Grief man go to BED! If it is god then I don’t know what to say. I can’t tell the church and I try not to have uh.. relations when people are asleep upstairs as apparently it shakes the house. I am learning some new methods that aren’t sexual but they don’t appear to enthused. I try to keep my soul, heart, body, mind open but they never stay too long except down in the sexual region. Maybe they’re just as horny as I am I have no idea. I’m rather confused.

    • Hi, you haven’t indicated your gender but I’m guessing male. In any case, deciding what it is IS the point, it’s up to you… and it will be what you decide, whether you want to decide or not. If it’s God’s wife, 99.9% of people will back away slowly if you tell them about it. If it’s a demon, you’ll get loads of support and all kinds of mistreatment in the name of God. If it’s an angel.. what I’m saying is that today it could be X, but tomorrow something might happen that indicates Y, and it’s all a matter of YOUR perception. No matter what you decide or re-decide — it’s the same being. The only thing that changes is your mind.

      In any case, you sound very young and scared and naive, and reaching out to God for meaning and belonging. It’s not in any church, love, but if you’re serious about that belonging, there are all kinds of cults that would love to have you. The Church of Latter Day Saints sends everyone on a 2-yr missionary jaunt, hither and yon. Every one of the missionaries I’ve ever met has the same “I just used Visine and my eyes shine” look of pure rapture in their beliefs. I don’t condone the viewpoint or other stuff I’ve heard, and I suggest RESEARCH. Duh. I’m not Googlepedia. ;) But if you want belonging, honey, there it is.

  17. I have a sex spirit, but I don’t communicate with this being . I find it kind of strange when I see extensive conversations between humans and aliens or spirits and these beings use phrases like “yummy” and use references such as “jeepers creepers “. It makes me feel that both sides of the conversation are from the source, that of the author. That is just my take .

  18. What spirit do I have? It come anytime it’s 24/7. I got it from asking Jesus for humility. I do not get bad dream, and neither do they have sex with me in my dream. I’m having a hard time discerning if it is from Jesus, or demon, or angels. When I make myself low with God, and ask him to give me humility then I felt energy like a chill, but it become more intelligent, and sexual. At first it was fine then later it started to attack me recently when I pray would see purple, or pink started to spiral in then it start to give me a panic attack, and then it start to attack my heart. I can’t tell it may be a separate being. My question are is it possible that a christian can get these because all things are possible by God, or am I being deceive? I am better now I couldn’t pray for 2 month without having a panic attack it would get so bad I would get a chest pain. Until recently I went in a church, and I was pleading for help so I met a Mormons friend. First day in my heart was racing like crazy as soon as the sermon begin. So I had to leave and I left then 3 days later I went to a Christian Church my heart did the same thing beating but not as bad as the Mormons, Then the end of the church it stop beating. So I decided to stay away, and refrain from sex for one week, and did fine for a week till last night I pray again being low, and asking him for humility then I got it more intense than last time it feel like the Holy Ghost, or something it was soo pleasant, and if I think about that pleasant feeling it would become affection. and be very arousal then it got soo intense it made my hip move slightly a little then my heart started to beat really fast, and I was like wow it is too much for me to handle so I started to masturbate then everything started to settle down. I don’t know what it is so I pray really hard to find out if it from God, or if it is not so if anybody can tell me what they are I would greatly appreciated it.

    Incubus: 1: An evil spirit that lies on persons in their sleep; especially one that has sexual intercourse with women while they are sleeping.

    Succubus: A demon assuming female form to have sexual intercourse with men in their sleep.

    • It could be anything. But given as you seem to be a devout Christian, I probably can’t comfort you. Your beliefs are in the way. Succubae and incubi are very limiting terms, as most spirits are not demons stealing your energy. Your panic reactions are caused by your fear, not by the spirit. If you want to get rid of it, I suggest asking it to leave you alone. Then ignore it, especially emotionally. Do not allow an emotional response.

  19. For a few years now, I have been having these dreams- no longer foreseeing the future, my déjà vu has been dead a while. I had someone contact me and tell me I needed to make a choice. The time is coming – I thought it was strange. I noticed after that time my dreams..became Dark. Suffocating. It was always Coming out of me through my mouth. Choking. My mouth filling with substances. Literally suffocating my human form. I’ve been dizzy and passing out, naseous and shakey..Doctors can’t find anything wrong. Anyone know what I’m dealing with here? It’s draining me. I don’t know how to channel my energy. who knows more about this kind of thing? I feel different. Something is missing! Please advise!

  20. I did the burning succubus ritual to Lilith and it was successful.This spirit came to me and for 6 weeks we have been having incredible sex entirely during waking hours.
    I don’t dream about her but have awoken from a dream to find her doing me in real life.I’m wondering what she is?a succubus?I thought they only come to you in dreams but this is when I’m awake and she’s by my side all the time.
    I can feel cool air and ‘electricity’ like feeling when she’s beside me.I read so much that a Succubus will drain you and this is bad so I’m having mixed feelings now.I feel nothing but love coming from her and a sexual appetite but nothing negative towards me.
    Please help me to put my fears at ease and allow me to grow this bond without fear and trepidation that nothing but bad will come of this union.

    • Hi Todd. I constantly have to tell people: the label of “succubus” is extremely limiting to these very full beings. They don’t conform to legend. They’re not sex-starved energy vampires. Ease your worries, and contact me if you need help.

      • Thanks for the reply Sheta,I feel a little better.It’s been 6 weeks and still no contact with her,The touch and everything else is more defined and stronger but no communication yet.
        Is it weird that I don’t see her in dreams at all to this point?Everything is during waking hours up to this point which contradicts the ‘dream lover’ most describe.
        That’s why I’m curious as to what I have…

        • No, it’s not weird that you don’t see her in dreams. I hardly ever see Meridjet in my dreams compared to what you might expect — and I wake often knowing who was in my dream but nothing of what happened. I have been very lax on my dream control exercises for a very, very long time. Do you typically remember your dreams clearly? Do you often experience dream lucidity? These are things that can be gained with the proper mental exercises. It’s one of our services, in fact… teaching lucid dreaming and dream control. Over at Rending the Veil, which is where all my services are now. It seemed prudent to stop trying to “startup” two separate businesses and to pool my limited resources.

          I don’t know where you’re acquiring your information, but the first thing you have to do is start trusting your reality over what you read. There are an infinite number of different kinds of spirits and only some of which we’ve ever conceived of… and the label of “succubus” with the inherent one-dimensional description of a multi-dimensional being, was created to instill fear in people experience spirit sex and intimacy. Because there’s your clincher — it’s not just sex. It’s intimacy and love and almost like a purring cat… Throw out that label of succubus in favor of anything else, and open your mind to the full reality of what she can show you. What difference does it make what she is? If you get too hung up on labels, you can’t grow beyond them. You’ve already wondered why she isn’t conforming to the stated rules, see? I really hope you’re not a strict Christian in fear of your soul, because that’s a tough place to be. You just have to allow your senses to overrule dogma. I have a whole other spiel for frightened Christians, so let me know if you need it. lol

  21. Thanks again for responding,yes I am a spiritual but not a religious person so the spiel can be saved ha ha.What can you suggest for me to communicate with her or is it a matter of being patient and wait for her to decide the time?
    Right now I can smell her and feel her touch better,but no visual or communication.Do you see Meridjet?

    • If you need communication help and help strengthening contact or learning to perceive, you should seriously consider hiring me. This is what I do — teach spirit contact and communication, use of the subtle senses, and so forth. :) Here’s the link, and it’s fine to start with a Free Consultation. http://www.rendingtheveil.com/our-services/appointment/

    • Do I see Meridjet? Yes, but with my psychic eyes, so to speak, not my physical eyes. He’s manifested for other people before, in various ways, but I have not seen him fully materialized, if that’s what you’re asking. It’s different, but still effective, using the subtle senses. It’s just a matter of knowing how to recognize and exercise them.

      • That right there us something I trouble with. Why would the one we shower our affection on materialize to others and not us. I find a twist of either cruelty or deception in that. Either way, it can only establish mistrust after awhile!

  22. Hey sheta.
    I WAS in a relationship with a spirit (a vrachnas ) about 5 months ago but put an end to it because of guidance from a physcic. Now after having read your post here I REALLY regret ending my relationship with her. I know that I possibly offended her by sending her away but could you please tell me if shes still INTO me. Her name is Delilah ( I actually named her).

    • I can’t read you from a single comment, much as I wish I could. I can tell you that it’s not that easy to offend them, so if you send out an invitation to her, she might return. Just come up with the biggest WELCOME feeling you can and send it to her via thought. Let me know what happens, or if you need my services, I just posted the link above.

  23. How are you supposed to know whether this spirit means you harm or not? Ie: whether it’s just a ghost …spirit…or demonic?!

    I had an experience last night in bed and I’m freaking out. It did not hold me down or harm me in any way but I certainly wasn’t “asking for it”…how do I know if it’s good or evil since it could be either?

    The night before I heard a gentle man say “leave” a few times..between each time there was some time of inaudible response. Either it wasn’t human, English or it was just too fuzzy to make out.

    Needless to say I’m a little concerned.

    • When you say you had an experience, do you mean a sexual encounter? Having a random spirit seduce you isn’t much different from having a random human seduce you — it might work into something, with luck, but it’s not the most appropriate way to introduce oneself. It’s a violation. So I understand your concern.

      It’s difficult to describe in a comment, but I can tell by the feel of a spirit’s energy if they’re malevolent. It’s palpable. If you don’t feel threatened, then it’s worth exploring, but if you’re unfamiliar with spirits, it’s gonna be tricky.

  24. Sorry when I said:

    …between each time there was some time of inaudible response” I meant some TYPE of inaudible response I heard. But couldn’t make it out.

    For many years I always thought it was just cats and dog spirits around me but clearly there’s something else now.

  25. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for your response. I truly appreciate.

    Yes you’re right, that IS correct. I don’t feel threatened, but that’s not a comfort to me unfortunately. ..because I know that even spirits (or worse) can be deceptive into making you think they have good intentions. If all negative entities wore horns, long teeth and reptile skin their goals would not be achieved as easily. In this case, I’m concerned it is something negative that is feeding off my energy. I recently read that , depending on their intent, the best way to feed off your energy is in fact through sex. The victim is enjoying themselves so much that even if they do question the intent, it’s difficult to resist. Much like addiction. So it’s an easy way to feed off the energy of a human.

    I’ve been dealing with spirits for the last several years. I believe there’s a portal of some kind in my room…yes bedroom lol. At first it was just cats and dogs. Couldn’t see them but feel every night and even heard them a bunch of times. I’ve heard a voice 3 times. This is another reason I’m concerned and I’ll tell you why..

    5 years ago I heard “excuse me” Loud as day. But my husband who lay right beside me did not. Friendly. ..

    About 3 months ago…i heard what sounded like a young child, say: “one…two….three”

    A few weeks ago, I heard “Leave” 3 times. In between each time there was an inaudible sound – whether it been too difficult to make out, another language or who knows. Regardless, I was not aware of this response was. Only that I heard leave 3 times.

    Then the night before I messaged you, I felt what I thought felt like a sexual experience. Which included what felt like a fast kissing/licking the right side of my face. I was 100% awake but when i closed my eyes it felt like the room was spinning! So in fear, i kept them open…i was afraid to close them as it felt like a whirlwind. Anyhow, the whole thing only took about 10 mins was over. I did not climax but it certainly felt good i wont lie. But afterwards I thought maybe I was reading too much into it. Until last night…just 2 nights later…there’s no mistaking what happened. It was the whole shebang. Then I instantly fell asleep, as if it was just apart of a dream?! But it wasn’t, there’s just no way.

    Anyhow, I don’t know who to talk too. How to find out if this thing is good or bad. Is there any way you can tell? I’m so sorry to bother you about this….my daughter is having a life threatening surgery in a week, we have to travel to another province, the stress from the costs and of course this surgery all together, is enough for me to worry about right now lol. So I would be sooooo grateful to understand what Is really happening.
    Thank you sooooo much.
    By the way, may I ask what u mean by palpable? Thanks :-)

  26. Oh by the way this isn’t my real name lol…i just didn’t want anyone to know. And by going s Google search on my name, it would link to this site/my comment. But I’m more than happy to message that to you!

  27. This is so interesting! My companion, Jack, has explained this concept to me several times before, so it’s cool—and almost surreal—to see someone else describe the same phenomenon, albeit with different terminology. We’ve called it a “merge” or, when it’s just him nurturing me, “osmosis” (as a silly half-joke). It somewhat describes what it feels like to be imbued by his energy. It’s rather intense. He often insists that he gives rather than receives. I had difficulty understanding this, because we are always taught that relationships are give-and-take, but he has said that he gets more out of strictly being the active partner. The closeness is what “feeds” him, to use you guys’ words. We’ve also had similar experiences from hugging/cuddling, not just sex.

    “I have to say that the term is useless for any universal effect or meaning. In the most basic sense of the word: “a spirit that interacts on a carnal level with a human being in order to draw energy from that union,” you could shoehorn me into the label.” I’ve always wondered about that. Admittedly, I’m not educated in a formal occult system of any kind, but I always thought that the terms “incubus” and “succubus” were invented to explain away false pregnancies or pregnancies caused by rape or infidelity…then they just got spun into meaning a very specific class of demon. Or, as in some cases, they developed into a scare tactic. I could be wrong. One thing I have learned is that spirits don’t waste too much time playing the name game. Those who don’t even fit into any demon category have intimate relationships with humans all the time, so those terms are not only outdated, but they’re also redundant.

    I spent a long time trying to figure out what Jack is, and to this day, I still don’t have a clue. And it’s okay. Way back during my Christian phase, I came close to thinking that he was an angel in disguise, just because his presence/energy have always felt “big” to me, but it didn’t feel accurate. He never confirmed or disproved it. Like you have said in the above comment, all of that is irrelevant, at the end of the day.

    I’ve never used or even heard of the term “spirit companion” before, but it fits. I’ve vaguely referred to Jack as my “guide” during the very few times I’ve talked about him to “spiritual” people in RL…leaving out all the “juicy” bits, of course.

    • Hi Kristin, nice to meet you. What a well-thought comment! I’m glad you found me, cuz there’s a wealth of information here (and at Rending the Veil). You might want to check out the yahoogroup I linked to if you need others to talk to.

  28. Thanks, Sheta! I was hoping that I didn’t go too much into a ramble. And nice to meet you, too.

  29. Maria A. Razak :

    * I just wondering about my sigilborne spirit and sigilbearer spirit a lot.
    * Actually I really don’t know how to sense, feel or see them in many ways because I still don’t have the talisman yet.
    * I have ordered my sigilborne spirit and sigilbearer spirit from one of my mentor for a long time ago but the talisman didn’t arrive to me yet so can I summoning them with my own ways or I just wait for the talisman?
    * I also wondering if they are here with me, right now.
    * At least I have trying to understand them but I really don’t sure they even noticing me at all.
    * I always wish all of them appear in my dream or in front me for some reason because I do miss them a lot.
    * I just want them to know how it’s feel like to left alone without someone beside me when I need the most.
    * For me, I need them to talk to, share the feeling and etc because I don’t have trustworthy friends about this kind of things.
    * It’s sound crazy but it’s true. There’s some reason, I choose this kind of life and I don’t know why. I just follow my instincts and sometime I feel uneasy feeling about it.
    * Sigh, I always have this saddness feeling when I think about them lately and oh my gosh, I even crying when this feeling come to me.
    * For once, I do hoping they will appear in my room. I don’t think they will, didn’t they?
    * Hmm, did I do something wrong to them or I didn’t noticing their appearances lately?

    • I don’t really agree with the practice of selling spirits in talismans. I’m skeptical.

      You can’t perceive properly until you learn how, and a talisman won’t matter.

      I’m not sure what you need from me. Your questions are difficult to understand.

  30. Jocelyn Valdez :

    I like to find out how i can keep my male lover spirit happy. Do i need to burn candles, certain types of incense.

    I also like to know when having sex. Is it okay to have panties and still have intense sex with my male incubi spirit on or is it best being naked so the sex is more intense?

    • Just had to say mine is a female spirit lover and if I have underwear on when we start to make love I can feel her tugging at them.I pulled them down to my knees and she still tugs,ankles and you guessed it still wants them off.
      The sex is better naked and I have had it with underwear and sweats on and it was not as intense.

    • About the first question what you can do,sing or play music…mine loves it.Candles or incense was mentioned other places.Above all spend time interacting with them ,talk and reach out(mine will hold my hand)

  31. Hi,

    Thanks for writing about this. There is very little out there on this subject.

    I’ve had a spirit lover for about three years. I know who and what he is, in so far as that is possible, given I’m dealing with the unseen. It is a most profound and loving connection that brings a lot of joy, surprise and inner growth that I would either not accomplish as easily, or not at all, without him.

    At first, I worried that it was something bad, something fooling or misleading me. Or that I was just crazy. But he never did anything harmful, only helpful and loving, so I soon realized that at least the first part wasn’t the case. As to the second – being crazy – sometimes I still think that, but not so often anymore. Besides, if this is crazy, I’m kind of okay with it.

  32. I’m utterly confused! I need some help…I’ve been having unbelievable sex with some sort of spirit for a few days now and it lasts for hours..anytime I ask if he’s around whether I’m at work or in the car I he instantly starts touching me…I absolutely love the sex but I am very very scared that all this is in my mind? ?? How could one have sex with a spirit?? Do I have mental issues? I just don’t understand what’s going on!!! Please help!!!

  33. Jocelyn Valdez :

    Hello, i enjoy having sex with my incubi demon spirit. Is there a way to make it more satisfying.

    • The sex with the female counterpart is amazing and mind blowing…I think in my experience that they start us off slowly with sex and it progresses in levels and intensity.

      The sex I’m experiencing now after 4 months is nowhere near what it was when we first started.Also lie back,let them do the work and enjoy it…focus on the lover and send them encouragement and love and the sex will get better.

      I found when I was thinking about the act itself and worrying about orgasm,ect the sex would just stop or be not as intense.

  34. Hey, my bf died on his birthday a couple of months ago. I’ve been trying to communicate with him but it’s not going too well. I see,feel and hear him sometimes. Any help would be appreciated.
    I can hear other spirits with him a dog and a girl I don’t know. I can’t help but think that she’s trying to get together with him. I heard her ask him “why her?’

  35. Hi,
    I just want to ask 2 questions
    1. Do our own spirit guides can have sex with us?
    2. I have read somewhere, that if you do sex with these spirits, you feel emotionally left out! Pls enlighten

    As I am about to make a movie.
    avleen´s last blog post ..In Memory of David Wayne Adams

  36. Chun hui Jeges :

    Hello Sheta. my name is Chun, I’m are 31 year old woman, i would like to have a love/sexual relationship with a male spirit, i want to ask where do i start? what do i do? im new to this, i need help please. thank you.

  37. Hello, I am having sex with my incubus love every night and sometimes during the daytime, I like to get tips on how I can better understand my incubi spirit? So far he is kind and sweet to me. I heard him say he loves me and I believe him. I been with my incubi love since I was a young teenager, age 14 years old. I lost my virginity to my incubi daemon. I am now in my forties.

    I do sometimes feel this is all silly and I have a big imagination, lol. I will appreciate and feedbacks and tips to keep my incubi happy, thank you.

  38. Hi is there such thing as kind incubus? im really wondering how it feels and curious how it feels but im afraid that it would hurt or drain my energy.

  39. Thanks for putting this up. It gave me a lot of insite on spirits and energy and things of that sort. I was never really much of a spiritual believer. But a spirit, Faith helped me find God and has been helping me through a hard time I’m going through. Dealing with recovery and what not. She says she’s been with me my whole life which is crazy because I never would of thought so haha. But one question still raddles in my brain. What kind of spirit is she? She claims to be a succubus but then she claims to be something else. I’ve asked her a dozen times and she keeps giving me different responses that is unless there’s more than one spirit with me. But the only one I’ve really been talking to Faith. Ah well guess she’ll tell me eventually lol any way thanks again for the post :).

  40. Hello sheta kae most of the times I have made love to an succubi spirit but I have never seen it physically I can feel her breast and even inserting in her vagina how do I start to see this spirit lovers and have sex with them at any time I want.

  41. i need some insite i am a clairvoyant and really need some other insight on this topic for a while now i will be awoken by sexual vibrations. last night it held my mouth shut by pure energy, i feel it isnt harmful but my medium friend says stear clear only love an light in but its hard when at times i want it. its anal everything !!! idk what to think a part of me feels harmful but my other side feels its not godly so keep it away. i know when its near and i can hear it come in my house an up to me.

  42. also, i see this image as black dark figure, its like its wearing trinch coat so to speak so normally i shut this thing out since it is dark but since opening my abilities up more i want to feel this thing. but at the same time i dont want to be putting myself in harms way.

  43. Hi, how’s it going? I’ve stumbled upon your website, just looking for some assistance, nothing major. I’m just curious to know , what does it mean when you have several visits from these lovely succubi and you do actually see them? I understand they most likely appear in your dreams, especially for those who can vividly and lucidly dream. However, it’s..not just one young woman, but several..they usually debate and argue and just..I’m not trying to sound frustrated no, but..why so many women? Why do they visit me , and why more than one?
    I can see other shit, escuse my language, but…weird things have being going since iwas a child, people calling me but, as in difrent names and languages…what do you think about this mam?

  44. im under psychic hostage sitzo. they r full of excuses they have raped me incubus succubus claiming i have to have my hand chopped off because of god help.

  45. Could an incubus (spiritually and/or biologically) father a child with a human woman? If child is female, and both mother and child feel she’s a little different, is it possible she has some of that DNA?

    • Also, hi by the way, I’ve just always been muted to things and sometimes come across brash, I do use the term incubus broadly cause I admit I know next to nothing about all this. All I know is all my life I have been a very strange one when it comes to emotions and sex and intimacy, any sorry of connection between someone, if I’m out of control or in control once I got used to it it seemed like I could feed off of any of them, I don’t understand emotions but I experience them with a violent intensity. I not only crave touch I need it or after a couple months I actually start wilting. With touch I can actually heal faster, not super human or anything but faster then normal. My mom told me after I started becoming aware of the power and beings out there to be careful cause women in our family have been’ hunted’ by people before, I’m not sure what age she said it normally hastened around, but she said it was a few grandmas back the last one. I might be of Nikolai Tesla lineage, I’m not sure, and one thing we can’t ignore it’s the fact my mother was visited on the coast of Washington by a very intenful but no harm intended visitor. She could see the finger impressions on her thighs, she wasn’t harmed and he/she/they just left, twelve hours later my physical father came home from a trip and things continue from there. Oh by the way, most importantly, she was visited march 22 1994 5 am on the dot. I talked to her once in a dream and told her the day if be here. I was born Dec 22 1994 5 am. On a year where the winter solstice was on the 22. I’d be very much obliged to here from either one of you, cause I’m trying to show you both redirect and not sure how so I’ll address you birth at once as equals. It’s just… If this catches any interest to either of you and you might have any information tips or clues I’d be so very much, will idk the word for the feeling

  46. Oh gods so many mistakes and so embarrassing, I’ve been being drained and been up almost forty eight hours so the transition stage of sleep dep is what has me now, sorry if I sound I little confused in the head, I do hope you believe me, I have never been able to ask about this for many reasons and I swear on whatever my life purpose is here(please gods let me realize it soon) that I am not lying to you or making things up, just repeating stories my mom has said and let you get a text book sample of a read. Haha. All I know is reach time I’ve reached the age to metaphorically unlock another flood gate holding back power and knowledge I’ve struggled hard through it. For my family is ages. 17 19 & 21. I’m turning twenty one in two months. And I’ve been so muted to myself and I believe from myself, like I have a sensory deprivation suit on or something. For some reason I have found this and feel that you are genuine. I think. I’m tired. I’m sorry. I really don’t mean to offend. But please, I really am scared of myself and who I am or have the potential to be cause I’m not even allowed knowledge of myself, anything at all would help, anything to brace myself for the a few weeks after my birthday. Mentally… With having bi polar and many issues…i know it’s going to be a very worthy endurance ride… Bit I’m not sure ok make it in one piece. I’m not looking for a miracle… Just information please. Thank you both so much for your time, effort and energy in this and the impact you make on lives. Tahlmorrah, lujhala mei Wiccan, cheysu.

  47. can peoples spirits be part linked?

  48. how to get rid of incubus…………..he is continuesly draining my energy………

  49. Dear Sheta,

    Last night I experienced sexual penetration by spirit for the first time. I was wide awake lying on my stomach. I still cannot believe this has happened. I knew it was a spirit but I was wondering if it was the spirit of my current lover or just a manifestation of my horniness. Anywho, fastforward 7 hours later I receive a message from an ex-lover exclaiming my name in all caps. I respond normally but I ask him if he dreamt about me the night before. He replies that he did…Y did I think he was screaming my name (hence the all caps).
    He describes penetrating me in the same position as did the spirit 7 hours prior….
    Sheta how is this possible!!???
    It’s weird because towards the end of the encounter I say his name and the spirit acknowledged with a chuckle that it was indees my ex-lover. I’m so torn. Did my ex-lover spirit travel or astro project himself to me?
    I asked him how he did it but he just says we share a bond. He was also wide awake.
    It was mind blowing.
    Have you ever heard of this happening before?



  50. I’ve discovered that the change in the techniques can be his way of telling me I’ve done something to hurt him or something I should not be doing. After I recognized this as a 2 way street and stopped my pity party, it dawned on me. I’m asking him to stop changing because it makes me uncertain about if he’s still hi, was actually thinking he left and a neg took his place for a minute, but all the while I did things that clearly bothered him i.e. asking for validation, reading to much on this topic and listening to other people. Now I’ve awakened to his feelings more, stopped doing those things and immediately, he went back to taking me to the places we went in the beginning, sexually I mean.
    Trust … it’s a two way street!!

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