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My name is Sheta Kaey and I’m an occultist with a very strange life.

I’m Editor in Chief of Rending the Veil. I am an Esoteric Nonfiction Editor for Megalithica Books, an imprint of Immanion Press.

I met my spirit companion, Meridjet, in 1994 and I thought I’d lost my mind. Despite my involvement in the occult since puberty and the fact that I was, by then, 33 years old, this was something I’d never heard of and which put me in fear of my sanity. Eventually I found my way online and in 1999 when our relationship took new form I started trying in earnest to find others with similar situations. The search was mostly a failure. I met author Donald Tyson and a couple of other people but nothing really panned out. So I elected to start my own group to hopefully attract others to me.

The first community I formed languished in relative obscurity for a couple of years. Then for reasons unknown it suddenly exploded into a frenzy of activity as people seemed to emerge from the proverbial woodwork. By then I was on LiveJournal and was finally convinced by a friend to create the community now found here. People found the first community via the second, it all snowballed, and now collectively there are several hundred people involved. Not a huge number but it’s considerable growth in a short time for an obscure issue.

To top it all off, I am a skeptic at heart and have a fondness for evidence. This is not to say I’ve never made a mistake, never projected anything, never been fooled by someone faking evidence or validation. But I keep very good records, of which this journal is one, and I never purge them or edit them (except to make a formerly visible entry private or vice versa) to reflect a change in attitude, as I feel that this is dishonest and invalidates the record. I like to be able to see my progress, and to know where I’ve made mistakes in the past, as well as to review my successes.

Being a skeptic means that I’m not going to swallow anyone’s story immediately. I do, however, try to keep an open mind unless you trigger my bullshit alarms in a serious way. My empathy is excellent and I can read energy signatures directly, via video, via email, via chat, and via proxy (meaning I can read an SC via their human partner). I cannot read energy via chat on cell phones, via photo (or not well), or via telephone (not well). I am extremely sensitive, but I have definitely been fooled by people who’ve trained themselves to work with empathics. This is rapidly changing as I study to regain my edge.

I am open-minded, again, and willing to stretch my paradigm. I have no issues whatsoever with people living their own lives as they see fit, including embracing whatever delusions rock their boats, but I will only stretch my operative paradigm as seems warranted by my personal growth; however, it happens regularly, and I like to think of myself as generally flexible.

I welcome contact and will help in any way I can but keep in mind that I do have personal boundaries and I will maintain them, and that I am very busy a great deal of the time. If you want to contact me, please do — but realize that I can be as absent-minded as anyone (even worse!) and that I may require a nudge, or I may not have time to chat with everyone every day, and so forth. Patience is extended but also required in return.

About Meridjet

In the beginning, Meridjet was my lover and my friend. After we were together 2 years he departed (I thought permanently) and underwent a great deal of trial and training to both process his life (we Thelemites call this series of trials in particular “Crossing the Abyss”) and to learn how to use his strengths for our mutual growth. After his return in 1999, he became a sort of pumped-up guide for me, and over time he has grown to be guide to many others. . . via instant messaging. :)) He has done everything from giving advice to saving lives, and he works his ass off. If you come to know us, don’t be surprised if he shows up some afternoon to check you out.

About Sheta Kaey


  1. Jocy Valdez :

    I was penetrated and having sex with my male incubi spirit since i was 15 years old. I like and maybe love my male spirit. The propblem is that i got a boyfriend who i met this year. So far everything feels and looks good. I am communicating to my male incubi spirit that he respects my time when i go see my boyfriend at his place. I am reading little articles on how to have a wonderful relationship with my male spirit. I feel this sounds like crazy talk, but when the eveing comes i sense the spirit sometimes and we have sex sometimes. Can you help me like is there anything else i need to know to make things smooth and nice.

  2. Shelley Thompson :

    Hi Sheta,

    Just finished reading your “Getting rid of unwanted spirits…” And was wondering if you can help me. I am just tuning in to spirit and have met a couple of my team. However, a neg/nuisance spirit has velcro’d on to me and won’t go. I surmise that I am making it easy for them to stay due to the mischievousness of my own sense of humour. This spirit however is blocking the door so that others may not come through, which is where I have the issue. Is there a way for my team to sort this? I want to be able to continue communicating with lots of different spirits, not just my needy one that’s stuck to me like glue.

    Look forward to your response and thank you for any wise words.


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