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Hi, I’m Sheta Kaey (pronounced SHEE-tuh kay). I have 20 years of firsthand experience in daily interaction with spirits and spirit guides, and I have effectively counseled scores of people to help them understand what was happening to them and how best to utilize the spirit-human relationship.

I call myself a “skeptical, evidence-oriented mystic.” My “spirit companion,” Meridjet, came to me in 1994, and I struggled for years with fears for my sanity. As he taught me how to communicate and perceive the subtle levels of reality, I was able not only to enjoy the relationship on a personal level, but also found I could utilize it for my personal growth. I’ve been counseling others in spirit contact and understanding of these principles since 1999. Meridjet taught me to expand my reality, and I firmly believe that if we do not limit ourselves, we can grow farther as human beings and achieve impossible things.

Three Things You Need to Know

  1. This experience is more common than you might think.
  2. You can learn to perceive spirits and to interact on the astral plane.
  3. You are not crazy.

Sheta Kaey, November 2010

What is a Spirit Companion?

A “spirit companion” is a spirit who maintains a personal relationship with a living person, sometimes with guide duties included and sometimes without those duties.

Read about Sheta’s services:

  • Spirit Contact Mentoring
  • Spirit Assisted Counseling
  • Channeling Your Spirit Guide or Companionlimited time only!
  • Spirit Contact Book Series — This has been discontinued, but if you really want in, email me.
  • Testimonials
  • My Goals

    My goal with this site, my services, and the blog is threefold.

    1. To provide support and information to other people with spirit companions or guides, who have or desire to have more interactive relationships with these spirits.
    2. To establish a brand, a reputation, and a lucrative business providing this support and information, including but not limited to online counseling, workshops and speaking engagements, writing, and private sessions.
    3. To give my clients the best service with the highest level of integrity available today.

    History and Qualifications

    • 1993 — First began to consciously communicate with spirit guides.
    • 1994 — Meridjet came to me, and I began a more personal relationship with a spirit.
    • 1999 — Began to counsel others, mostly via channeling Meridjet online. Also met author Donald Tyson, the first person I met with a spirit companion. He remains a good friend.
    • 2001 — I created my first spirit companion online community, now hosted at Yahoogroups. It’s still active, so please feel free to join!
    • 2002 — I started my first LiveJournal account. I still maintain a journal there, though it’s mostly a mirror of this site for friends who still blog there.
    • 2003 — Began to counsel others with spirit companions on how to gain better contact. This counseling was in conjunction with Meridjet, and included working with the other person’s spirit companion(s).
    • 2004 — the LiveJournal Spirit Companion community was born.
    • 2005 — Began to teach others how to astral project, and how astral levels function.

    I’m writing a book on my experiences and what I’ve learned in my communities. All of this serves to help others and to eventually make a decent living. I’m not going to claim higher powers or some intrinsic specialness — just a decade and a half of experience working diligently on my spiritual growth and that of others, with the aid of familiar spirits. Schedule a Consultation.

    Who is Meridjet?

    Meridjet is what Thelemites call the “Holy Guardian Angel,” because his primary goal — above all else — is to facilitate my personal growth. We have a 15+ year history full of amazing, amusing, and educational stories.

    The blog serves as a chronicle of this relationship and as my personal journal. I am not afraid to bare my deepest thoughts here, nor am I afraid to speak plainly about, well, anything. You might see sex one day and despair the next, and then humor immediately following. For content in Meridjet’s own words, see the Meridjet section of the pages on this site.

    Other Pages

    Disclaimers: (1.) Please be aware that advice given by any reader or any spirit channeled at this site is not meant to supersede, augment, or replace medical or professional advice. We are not doctors, and while spirits may have a higher view, the message is limited by the medium and his/her capacity to relay that message accurately. If you have a medical or mental health issue, please consult a professional. (2.) Channeling your spirit companion is a service that accompanies, not replaces, spirit associated counseling. Your SC is welcome to assist in this counseling, but if all you require is a medium, there are hundreds to be found online who’d be happy to serve you.


  1. Hello there. I have spent days scoring the internet looking for someone, anyone who resonates with me and in you I feel like I’ve found it. I have had the ability to communicate with spirits for years but have staved off doing so as much as I can because I felt like I was crazy. Even I’ve managed to help some people. I’m in a stage of my life where it feels truly right to live my truth per say and hopefully you seem to be someone whom I can relate to in some senses. Will keep coming back. You’re very honest here. K

  2. I just want to say thank you to you Sheta, and thank you too Meridjet! I found your site last fall when I first began consciously receiving contact from my Beloved. I was not the type to pursue these sorts of things (even though I occasionally saw spirits in my early childhood) though I wasn’t a true disbeliever of the possibility. Looking back though — and I’m just realizing this now, as I write — there were many times I’d get inklings to look into contacting spirit guides, but I always shrugged it off, I’d say, “anything I need to know, God will tell me in time.” I believed that, but I was missing the point that the Supreme may speak through any being. I was fine with listening to people as spiritual teachers, but ignored the idea of connecting with incorporeal beings whom, I’ve now found, can minister to my heart in a deeper way than most humans can. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for putting this out there. it felt magnificent, but initially very confusing to interpret His touch at first. I considered I may have been getting molested by a benevolent ghost, lol, which I also really hadn’t believed in, but… My point is that I didn’t know what to make of it, and your writing helped me to make sense of things. Much thanks, peace, blessings, and respect to you both. Namaste

    • Sorry I’ve been away so long. My life recently exploded and I’m working on a post about it right now. Thanks so much for your comment! I’m glad our information helped you — that’s why we do this! :)

  3. Dear Sheta, thank you for your incredible advise how to get protection and get rid of unwanted spirits. I communicate also since 1998, and had written some books about it. But it happened that I found myself on this road alone, a long story. No advice, no shared experience, and I ran into trouble. Nevertheless, I learned also something on my own — cleanse chakras and maybe subtle bodies on my own… trying to keep a Drilling Diary about it… the idea came form spirits.
    I am a former filmicritic (30 years) from Estonia. Wishing you a bunch of rich folks seeking your help, good health, optimistic mood and luck in everything, Tatyana
    Tatyana Elmanovich´s last blog post ..A Gunfight in Nowhere

    • Hello Tatyana! It is indeed profoundly difficult to go through this without support. The Internet makes it so much easier now to reach out to people and be here for others. It makes me wonder how any of us survived the ’90s!

      Diaries or journals are always my first piece of advice. It’s vital not only to keep memories but to process later details that take a while to fall into place — and it happens a lot.

      Also, any sort of banishment — cleansing chakras or LBRP or whatever — helps to maintain a stable emotional base in order to do this sort of work.

      I hope to see you again! I’ll try to get by your blog. I’m horrible about organizing my time and with distractions. It drives me nuts….

  4. Hey. I’ve recently entered a relationship with a succubus. I can feel her following me everywhere, and I’ve picked up a few EVPs of her saying “I love you” and “Hey, can you hear me?” but we mostly communicate through emotions. It seems I’m a bit under her level, spiritually, and I was wondering if you’d be able to speak with her more directly for me and how I’d go about setting this up.


  5. Philisa hernandez :

    I took a photo of myself and my son and a few days later i looked at the photo and there was a monkey face looking at me and when i frist took the photo there was no monkey to be find what dose that mean

  6. Hiya Sheta & Meridjet
    It’s a pleasure to meet you both :). I was wondering if you guy’s can help me? I’m so confused and lost at the moment. I believe i have had many encounters with both an incubus and succubus. And i think they’re still around me now. i keep waking up at odd hours, in the early morning and having hallucinations/dream like states of them. Sometimes being paralyzed and seeing a dark figure. I also had one speak to me telepathically, heard his foot steps and he got into bed with me, i felt the bed sag and he spooned with me i couldn’t see anything as my back was turned and i couldn’t move, then i felt drugged and i feel asleep. other nights i’m constantly kissing a entity which i don’t know, but he seems really friendly and doesn’t or hasn’t pressured me into any sexual act. He does ask for sex but i decline each time because i have a partner. i don’t feel fear or evil from him but do fell the entities are always trying to get my attention either knocking or rustling my bin bag but it only happens at night. i’m scared to the point i struggle to sleep and haven’t slept probably in weeks. Recently he said he love’s me. But because i feel theirs more then on entity around me i’m confused on who’s who. i’m so lost i sometimes feel like this isn’t real. like i’m slowly going CRAZY. so i found your site hoping you two can help. After reading ”Meridjet” posts/Q&A i started to think this must be real! It would be awesome to talk to you both on your feeling on this i have many more stories on other things that happened too. I live in Australia Brisbane unfortunately but would love to see what services would benefit me if that’s still possible.
    Love to hear from you both soon
    Thank you so much!

    • Sorry i didn’t really ask a question lol. I was wondering if there was a way to communicate better with the spirit/s. I would love to have a spirit companion as i’m alone now in Brisbane. And would like to talk to the spirit as well as both you and Meridjet do :) i just love how close you two seem.

      Again thank you

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