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28 November 2011

The forum has been removed due to spam. I might fix it later. Meanwhile, you can email me. Also, the scheduler is out of commission until the first of the month. Apologies, but the billing issue demands it. You can email me to set up appointments, meanwhile. If you’ve submitted one in the past two weeks, please do send an email. I’m sorry to be away from the site at the moment, but it can’t be helped. Hang in there!

29 August 2011

We’ve got a really cool booking scheduler now, with a Pro Bono option for the clients we’ve agreed to help but who can’t afford to pay. Don’t select that option unless you’ve arranged pro bono help in advance, obviously. ;)

Peter has taken over tweeting on the Infinite Possibility Twitter account. Follow it for tips, ideas, and just plain chatty talk.

I am working on a home page that will show a few blog posts. The blog has rather sunk into oblivion since we moved it to an inner page. Hopefully this will increase post visibility.

8 August 2011

We’ve added a Products page featuring books by our practitioners and items from our Zazzle store. I’m in the process of making new designs, and there will be additional products added for the existing design in the next day or so. Right now we have t-shirts and buttons with the Infinite Possibility blackbird logo.

At the moment I’m still getting to know Zazzle, and our store appears to be empty, but if you click “view all” you’ll find what’s there. I’m not sure why it’s showing so much blank space. I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

29 June 2011

GRAND OPENING! We’re ready to kick off the new site, with a few pages left to add over the next couple of weeks. We’re still looking for specialized practitioners, if you’re interested in signing on as a reader or mentor. It’s exquisite and accidental timing, as well — today is the 17th anniversary of the date Sheta met Meridjet.

I’ve just deleted all accounts that haven’t been used on this site within the past year. If your account is gone, you can email me or just sign up for a new account.

16 April 2011

The site is undergoing a lot of changes as I bring in new practitioners and restructure the navigation tree. If anyone experiences difficulty navigating the site, I’d appreciate a comment (with link and description of trouble) so I can take care of the problem.

Look for the site to be done around mid-May, or at least mostly done. Not counting the blog, of course. ;)

January 7, 2011

The Services page has been completely revamped. I now offering tiered levels of Meridjet-assisted mentoring, among other things.

January 5, 2011

Meridjet has a new testimonial! This one comes from Hawaii:

“I’ve had a number of sessions with Meridjet now. A few things really stand out about him: he is profoundly grounded, balanced, deeply wise, piercingly insightful, perceptive, and kind. He has also always been gentle and firm where necessary. Never once has he ever been anything like cruel or derogatory, nor has he lost patience with me. His energy’s invariably affectionate and as warm and refreshing as a warm spring day.

“He has the most remarkable ability to consistently ask precisely the right question in just the right way at just the right time. This has the effect of jarring loose old patterns of all kinds and triggering breakthroughs. Everything he does and says, in session, has a purpose — you really have to experience this. Even his seemingly casual remarks turn out not to be. Meridjet does have a great sense of humor too, though, and he’s a great deal of fun to just talk story with.

“I emphatically recommend him as the most amazing spiritual counselor it has ever been my privilege to know.”

December 23, 2010

Still looking forward to my next Paranormal Noise interview, but for now, here’s the link to the old one: Sheta’s Paranormal Noise interview, part 1.

The blog has obviously undergone a face-lift. I’ve been doing a lot of studying on how to have a more professional design and approach. I hope the photos of me aren’t too off-putting. I walk a fine line between “marketing” and avoiding it like the plague due to the bad taste marketing leaves in my mouth. I have to do what is most comfortable, and that means trying different ideas. I think this might be a keeper though.

I’m going to be working on new issues in the channeling field, issues of mine I’m fed up with. You’ll hear more about it soon!

September 2010

Tune in September 27 at 11 p.m. Eastern for my first live radio interview on Paranormal Noise.

I recently did a phone interview with Paranormal State, which airs Sundays at 9 p.m. Eastern on A&E. No idea yet if I’ll make it onto the show. New episodes begin October 17.

11 July 2010

My services page has been updated with my Google calendar. Now if I can just remember to keep it filled in. :)

A while back

I have a new fee schedule for my services up. My clientele is expanding and my services are more in demand, plus they’ve diversified. So a new fee schedule was a necessity. Be sure to email me at if you need to arrange an appointment. Thanks.


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