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The Spirit Companion Yahoo!Group

A mailing list and forum encompassing a wide range of experiences and providing mutual support for those with spirit guides or companions. This list opened in March of 2001 and was the first central hub of the spirit companion community. It really exploded into activity in 2003 after a couple of slow years, and has been going strong ever since.

The LiveJournal Spirit Companion Community

A resource similar to the mailing list, for those on LiveJournal. This community was formed in March of 2004; it’s not as busy as the Yahoo!Group. The community has moderated membership to protect against trolls.

The InsaneJournal Community

This community was created in 2008, but I’ve never done anything with it. If you’re active on InsaneJournal and would like to help get it going as a moderator, let me know.

The Spirit Companion RSS feed

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Other Sites

These are some of Sheta’s favorite websites. This page will be updated when I have favorite links from the other practitioners. Hover over the thumbnails for information about the links. If you have a website you think should be included, drop me a line and I’ll check out the site.

I’m trying to include a wide variety of content, based purely on what I find cool or interesting. Sites listed here are officially endorsed. :) If I have an active account, I’ve linked to it, but it’s a simple matter to navigate to the site’s main page from there.

Recommended Links:

Rending the Veil :: Occult Magazine and Resources for Magicians   Donald Tyson's Supernatural World :: Here you will find interesting information on the occult, the supernatural, magic, witchcraft, and all things otherworldly.   StudioPress :: Professional WordPress themes, including this one.   Living With Magick :: The Web's premier magick site, online since 1998. This was my site until I sold it in early 2011.
The Green Wolf :: Lupa's home on the Web.   LiveJournal :: A free service for all your journaling and blogging needs.   Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs   Etsy :: A website for buying and selling handmade goods. Links to my profile but nothing of mine is up yet.
deviantArt :: Where deviants keep their art, evidently.   Osho Zen Tarot :: A fantastic tarot reading generator. Always hits the mark.   Subeta :: Incredible Human Avatars, and oh yes, Pets   Sheta's Twitter Account
INFP :: Portrait of the Idealist Dreamer   Facebook :: MySpace for Grownups   Dafont :: The best place on the Web for fonts, hands down.   Corbis :: Stock photography, footage, rights: Corbis
Shamanism: Animal Spirits :: Just enough information to provoke thought, on dozens of animals.   ColourLovers :: Color + Design Community for Creative Inspiration   Smowtion :: Monetize your site.   Aweber :: Free Test Drive!
Make a Donation to Infinite Possibility   Immanion Press

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