How We Came to Be

Infinite Possibility began as a simple blog, albeit an unusual one, in which Sheta Kaey described her relationship with her spirit companion, Meridjet. As their influence grew and they helped more people, it dawned on Sheta that helping people contact and communicate with spirits for accelerated personal growth was her calling. She eventually found it necessary to set up a business, then invited other, very select practitioners, and what you see is the result. The blog is still here, but now there is much more. We now have free forums (currently disabled due to technical issues and lack of time to solve them), free newsletters, and some of the best practitioners out there, for extremely reasonable rates.

Why We Charge

Charging people for spiritual services is not something that came easy to any of our practitioners. Each of us struggled with the choice, divined on it, consulted our consciences, and decided to go for it — but for more than just an income. If all we wanted was to make money, sites like Keen.com provide a way to do that, but we aim higher. Psychic mediums at sites like Keen run $8 a minute and up, and many are frauds. What we do here is guaranteed to be of a higher caliber, at a fraction of that price. Plus, we offer ways to leave off of mediums forever.

Why We’re Better

Our practitioners were hand-selected by Sheta, and she stands by their honesty and integrity, as they stand by hers. We seek to empower you so that you can take your practice to the next level, whether that be in direct spirit contact or in developing your personal, spiritual path. We don’t feed rote answers; everything is individualized based on what you need. We offer more than readers here — we offer mentors.

We are still trying to find the right balance between making an honest living and making our services available to all who may need them, and sometimes we still strike sour notes. We hope you’ll bear with us as we find our footing. Feedback is always welcome.

If you’re not interested in spending money, the blog is still free, as are the (currently disabled) forums. Sign up for a free newsletter. Enjoy yourself, consider registering for a free account, and, above all, keep the faith!


  1. Is there a way of contacting you less public. I need to understand what’s happening to me or if I’m loosing my mind.

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