Coming Soon – My Own Shop!

Coming Soon – My Own Shop!

One of the unexpected side effects of my brother’s death is the freeing up of the main house space, which he lived in for a year before moving in with Mom. It’s full of high-end art pieces (well, medium-end, hundreds not thousands) and has a huge main room, about 18 feet square. So around the spring equinox I’ll be opening a shop there, the official Rending the Veil actual, physical store. I’m so psyched! I’m planning on the following:

  • Sell the art pieces
  • Sell a small but growing selection of metaphysical books/products
  • Do card readings and spirit readings
  • Set up my personal metaphysical library as the local Occult Book Netflix, selling memberships/subscriptions to borrow my books
  • Set up a reading area with a couch, chairs, and the books, for those who would like to read onsite but not borrow
  • Host psychic fairs
  • Use this as a home base for festival appearances

It’s gonna be awesome. Mom thinks there’s no way I’ll be able to pull it off at this location, but I’m going to try because you can’t beat free rent. If I build a clientele and get the word out, it’ll take care of itself. If you’d like to be involved, like by investing, donating, or coming to the Grand Opening celebration, let me know!

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