In Dire Need of Help

In Dire Need of Help

Hi folks. Typically I reserve my fundraiser promotion for Twitter and Facebook, but I’m in serious trouble. My brother’s death last month set us back due to unexpected travel and so forth, and I’m now overdrawn, my bills are not paid, and we have no groceries. If I’ve helped you in the past or might help you in the future or if you’re just a good person, please give to either my fundraiser, or directly, via the EverButton (which links to WePay). Thank you.

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I teach people to perceive, communicate, and work with spirits. Beyond that, I'm kinda normal.

Sometimes I write things. Sometimes I edit things. Sometimes, people even see them.


  1. erica borkenhagen :

    Hi Sheta got a couple of questions I have what I think might be a incubus spirit or a spirit lover but am confused about some things and have the impression that I have two spirits around me one of who might be female just not sure and it does have me worried. Hope to hear back from you soon. thanks Erica

  2. Hi Sheetah I have what I think is a incubus spirit making contact with me or a spirit lover. The problem is I have the feeling I have two spirits around me one of which might be female. I am worried about what is going on. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks Erica

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