My Little House

My Little House

I live in a converted garage with an extra ten-foot slab, making my 2-bedroom home a total of 690 square feet. It used to be a pole barn, and when building we incorporated the original pole rafters, giving us vaulted ceilings in the living room and bedrooms. The two bedroom are adjacent and the wall between them is 7 feet high…it does not continue to the vaulted ceiling. We used to have bifold doors in three places but two broke, and the only remaining door is between the two bedrooms. We have curtains across the bathroom door and the door between the bedrooms and living room.

We have one closet in this house, which opens off the bathroom. It’s a deep, walk-in closet that catches everything. My daughter and I now have wardrobes, as in chests wherein we hang our clothes.

Nothing in this house is level or squared. It’s really evident that we learned as we went while building. The bathroom is 100 sq ft and contains a corner tub plus our washer & dryer, along with vanity sink & toilet. We use a coat tree for hanging our towels.

I really want to do some modifications to better utilize this space. I need space to do art, and my fabled art studio may never materialize. We have a small room at the entry that originally contained built-in benches for a dining room. They were ignored so eventually I tore them out. I turned it into an office but discovered I felt too removed from the television, which I enjoy as background noise. Right now it has file cabinets and bookshelves, but still collects a bunch of clutter such as soda boxes on their way to trash, Goodwill-bound boxes, and so forth.

We have lots of stuff, particularly various project supplies and books. I have never been able to come up with a useful system for storing things where they weren’t difficult to get to and sort through. I’ve tended to live with “good enough for now,” but I have now lived here 12 years and am sick of this disorganization.

I’ve done some googling on living in small spaces — don’t any of these people have hobbies? The obvious choice is to convert the ex-dining room into a mini studio, but I really don’t think I can fit everything in there. I’m going to try.

Basically the reason for this post is to ask you if you’ve ever come up with creative remodeling (minimal) or reorganizing solutions, and if so do you have any advice? The standard sets of advice really don’t seem to include people who have to keep a lot of hobby supplies on hand. I paint, bead jewelry, decoupage, art journal, and write.

Muchas gracias.

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  1. Boxes and good shelving, for one. For two, my biggest problem and biggest help of the last year has been getting garbage/recycling/donation to their appropriate areas as quickly as possible. Keeps space free.
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  2. I’m in a 25′ RV right now, so I have less than 200 sq ft. My art studio before I started traveling was in two rooms – a fairly large bedroom for the quilting and embroidery supplies and some random collage supplies, and a 24’x11′ room for the beading, scrapbooking, painting, collage, art journals, beading, weaving, dyeing, glass painting… You get the idea. The room wasn’t big enough. Right now it’s all in storage, except for some of the embroidery, weaving, painting, collage, and colored pencil. However, all of that probably ought to go in storage – all I have done is write for and use the colored pencils for the past year.
    Most of my stuff is sorted in bags, and in the overhead cabinets of the RV. My studio previously had lots and lots of shelving. Someday I would love to have several Scrapboxes. They fold up to contain the clutter. They are expensive, but hold a lot. I could use one for each hobby…
    But I agree. I think the only hobbies Tiny House people must have are either writing or hobbies where they greatly control their supplies. I don’t think I could do that. :-)

    • As I read your list I found lots I’d forgotten. It’s embarrassing, how I dabble in artsy things. I am going to have to clean out my closet first because right now, you should not venture forth without backup on standby. I should take pics.

  3. I truly wish I could help but this is not my department so I can’t suggest

  4. I drew things like this as an exercise. I have a good CAD program and it’s something I enjoyed doing as a hobby. I try to design the smallest livable house by keeping as much open space as possible. I think the smallest house I drew that I would live in was 24×30, but I’ll have to check.

    You might have more unused space than you realize, such as in corners etc. Take a good hard merciless look and see. And look up. Do you have room for a 2nd floor, even if it’s just for storage?

    Do you actually use things in scrap boxes, or do you keep things for “just in case”? I used to build RC airplanes and kept scrap that accumulated and I never used it. Or is there monetary value in that scrap?

    Is everything for your studio necessary or can some of it go? You might have to get creative but I’m willing to bet there is a solution.

    If you want me to draw something up, let me know, No guarantees but I’ll try. I just need to know exactly what you have to work with and exactly what you need.
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    • I’ve done similar fun with houses in Photoshop, but haven’t applied it to this space in a deacade. I feel a complete lack of inspiration here, primarily because lack of purchasing power to work with. I have just had an idea, thanks to you, about a wide, wide shelf between her room and mine, she use her side and I use me side for nearby storage. Instant drop in crossover noise.

      I would also get a lot more done with enthusiastic help but I don’t find that occurs much in nature around here.

      • Improvise, adapt, overcome ;)

        It might not take much or any money. Just work, a little at a time as time permits. To me, actually starting is important and downright mandatory. I’ve found that once a work is started, inspiration comes.
        Loose Cannon´s last blog post ..Being A Young Satanist

  5. Hi Sheta. Really interested in setting up an appointment with you as soon as possible, I am at my wit’s end with my current situation. I added you on Skype, but I wasn’t sure if it was better to contact you directly through your website…

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