New Service: Attracting a Spirit Lover

New Service: Attracting a Spirit Lover

I’ve added a new service on Rending the Veil — how to attract a spirit lover. I get asked this question all the time, so it seemed needed. If you’d like to hire me to teach you how to gain a spirit lover (succubus/incubus, though these terms are sorely limiting), how to know what not to do, and also receive basic information on spirit contact as part of the hour of service, go to and set up a session. You’ll be charged $75 when we meet in text chat at time of service.

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  1. Edward trayford :

    Question about new service of spirit lover: text mode? Is this just a text chat or can this be done by skype?


    • Sorry, I didn’t get a comment notification about this. It’s typically text mode but I’m fine with Skype. Most people prefer text because they can refer back the chat log for detail reminders, etc.

  2. Hope my message reached you. 787-249-6786

  3. Hi. I just downloaded an audio to my ipod that’s supposed to invoke a succubus and induce sexual dreams. All day today i’ve felt the presence of what has got to be my succubus. It’s a familiar presence. I know i’ve felt her before. After I started trying to astral project I felt her with me a few times. I’m embarrassing her presence now. I can only describe this feeling as deep love being protected toward me. I’ve felt this all day. I don’t want it to ever end. I think she loves me. I was wondering if this could be my imagination because of the audio or if this feeling really is a beautiful spirit who’s come into my life

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