Just a Quickie

Just a Quickie

There are so many people I’ve fallen out of contact with due to the craziness that has been my life in the past year. I am SO sorry! I miss Isha, Christina, Shel, and more… and I am horrible about thinking of you all the time and doing nothing to maintain contact. It’s not that I don’t love you — I do! — but I’ve had to get my head and my life straightened out and it’s not been an easy process. I miss you all so much. <3

I most often update on Twitter (@shetakaey) and post inane bullshit occasionally on Facebook (but don’t read it much). This blog has, obviously, been in severe neglect for quite some time now. Mel is gone, and remains in jail, and I’ve been without a roommate since May. It’s been lovely. My daughter is still with me, and probably always will be, but we don’t need any third party complicating things anymore.

I’m still trying to get the house organized properly since bed bug heat treatment last month, but I’m happy to report that we’ve seen no signs of any remaining bugs. That’s a huge relief. Our problem list is shrinking, but still remains long enough to require a lot of attention, plus we’ve had to reconceptualize our routines. We took out cable in May and I never would have believed just not having television (movie channels!) could be so disruptive, but it took a long time to get used to. And I miss my Game of Thrones!

I continue to consult with clients and with people suffering from hauntings, so if you have any problems or questions, my services are listed on Rending the Veil or you can email me directly at sheta@spiritcompanion.com. I check this email every day. Usually.

The biggest event since I was last here was my first time acting in a film. I was an extra in three scenes in a movie called Urban Shakedown. My IMDB page should be up in a few days, if all goes well. They’ll be listing my credit this week.

That’s all the news for now. Nothing to report at the moment on the spirit front, unless I talk about other people’s experiences, and I don’t really feel like taking the time except to say ONE thing: If you’re going to summon a spirit, make sure you know what you’re asking for. If you call a spirit for a sexual relationship and leave out any mention/thought of anything else, don’t be surprised if you get a spirit that bugs you for sex 24/7. Be careful what you ask for.

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  1. Hey, don’t worry about it. We all feel like we’re about to fall off the edge
    of the world lately. And now that “science” is beginning to discover that
    the world is flat ! Welcome home and hang on tight.

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