Best Testimonial Ever

Best Testimonial Ever

Yesterday, I received a testimonial from an old acquaintance that I haven’t talked to in a while. It was so epic that I have to repost it here before I add it to my Testimonials page. It’s from Becca Porter.

Sheta Kaey gave me a private reading roughly four years ago but it was only over the past two years that I have come to realise just how spot-on accurate she was about everything she had to tell me. She and Meridjet counselled me through some issues I had with my spirit companion and communication/self-doubt and though some observations missed the mark, the reading was very helpful and constructive and genuinely helped my situation. Some things were said about my spirit companion (SC) that I didn’t identify with but those were put on the back burner as I concentrated on strengthening our bond and following the advice I had been given.

Some two years later, my SC began to tell me much more about the most recent past-life he and I had shared together and as time went on and he revealed more and more, I remembered the chat with Sheta and Meridjet and I brought up the document I’d saved it as and read through it again. I was floored when I realised that every single thing she had said either remained true or had, since my SC had opened up more, come true. Things I had told Sheta were not on the mark actually were on the mark completely; it was just that I had not known the facts at the time. Sheta did not predict anything, instead she saw more about my SC and his past (and interests and other things) than I was privy to and so I had told her she was wrong, having not seen or sensed those things myself. Something tells me I was perhaps not ready for that information at that time, but as time has gone on, all has slipped into place and as far as I’m concerned, has shaped Sheta in my mind as an absolutely accurate and precise Medium with a real flair and talent for seeing the truths of spirits and spirit companions. Sheta is truly gifted.

Reading the conversation again (as I have done to write this testimonial) has had me notice yet more things that have come true about my SC, things Sheta sensed before I did. When it comes to providing insight and constructive spiritual guidance, Sheta really is one on her own and incredibly good at what she does. With just one session she provided me with enough insight to last me several years, some of it advice that I could use immediately and some of it reflections that have taken time to come to light. I am very grateful for all she has done for my SC and I and we would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone who needs guidance, advice or help with metaphysical matters. Sheta is patient, understanding and so psychic it hurts. Do yourself a favour and get an appointment for a reading, ASAP.

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