Sheta’s A Big Scary Liar

Sheta’s A Big Scary Liar

So yesterday, I signed on to the Yuku forum where they have the “Spirit Sex” forum I’ve been posting on. I discover I am banned. Why? Because apparently the spirit companion of the moderator doesn’t trust me. Did I do anything to offend anyone or break any rules? No. But she says I’m a liar.

I’m gonna attach a couple of screenshots of my conversation with this guy. Since I’m already banned, they can’t exactly punish me, and I want it known what was said. I have never deliberately lied to anyone I was helping with a spirit. If I’ve made mistakes, that’s to be expected. But I don’t lie.

So bite me!

I’m not real sure what to make of this. I did attempt to be civil in my reply, but it was kind of a doofus reply, imho. :)) I’m just boggled.

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  1. Oh my goodness gracious. Can we be any more vague? Well now…guess I know why my application has been put “on hold” for that forum as well. I guess I have to wait and see if his SC thinks I’m a liar as well?

    Ahh well…yuku sucked. I hated that you could not search for anything decently. Worst forum website ever. Hell, even Delphi Forums are better than that!

  2. That is fucked up.
    It’s him that’s not trustworthy. And a coward.

  3. That guy runs his forum like a mad Nazi. I had a big run in with him years ago. Personally I think he has a personality disorder of some type. I know your post is three years ago but I’ll be anything he is still the same on his forum, if not worse!

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